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SIMASpecial Import Measures Act (Canadian customs)
SIMAShore Intermediate Maintenance Activity (US Navy)
SIMASnow and Ice Management Association
SIMASteel Import Monitoring and Analysis
SIMASystemwide Initiative on Malaria and Agriculture
SIMAWorkshop on Situation Management (IEEE)
SIMAShip Intermediate Maintenance Activity
SIMAStrain Induced Melt Activation
SIMASilica and Magnesia (earth's crust lower shell)
SIMASystems Integration & Management Activity
SIMASystem Integration for Manufacturing Applications
SIMASmall Incremental Motion Actuator
SIMASecure Infrastructure Management Architecture
SIMASelected Intermediate Maintenance Activity
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Sima's younger son Shuaib also needs her as much Sima does.
We really need nuclear DNA to solve the evolutionary puzzle at Sima de los Huesos," Meyer says.
Matthias Meyer said that the fact that the mtDNA of the Sima de los Huesos hominin shares a common ancestor with Denisovan rather than Neandertal mtDNAs is unexpected since its skeletal remains carry Neandertal-derived features.
Sima Samar] desire to ensure the appointment of commissioners who are highly qualified with a good reputation so that AIHRC continues to promote and protect the rights of all Afghans.
Sima Qian finished writing "The Collective Biographies of Confucians (Rulin liezhuan [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII])," an essay that summarizes classical learning from the beginning of the Western Han to the end of the reign of Emperor Wu.
We also wanted to make it interactive and informative for the viewers and this is where the cooking section comes in as I want people watching to take even more away from the show," said Sima Ved.
Sima and her colleagues did not report any financial disclosures.
Sima realizes that she is living vicariously through Timna, that she wants Timna and Alon to have the storybook marriage that she so anxiously desired but failed to build.
Sima, who specialises in made-to-order wedding gowns and lingerie, added another line to her burgeoning business as she saw an incredible demand for custom-made party wear.
When the Communists arrested her husband, Dr Sima fled Afghanistan with her little son to Pakistan, where she ran the Shohada clinic, which she herself launched, for fellow Afghan refugees in the 1980s and 1990s, in an area with feminists are routinely killed or sprayed with acid by extremists.
Damascus, (SANA) -With the participation of 118 companies representing 450 trade marks from over 30 countries, the 2nd International Industrial Fair SIMA kicks off on Thursday at al-Yaman Fairground in Aleppo, northern Syria.
WHEN beauty therapist Sima Yacoob was pregnant with her second child she suffered an unexpected aversion - to beauty products.