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SIMASpecial Import Measures Act (Canadian customs)
SIMAShore Intermediate Maintenance Activity (US Navy)
SIMASnow and Ice Management Association
SIMASteel Import Monitoring and Analysis
SIMASystemwide Initiative on Malaria and Agriculture
SIMAWorkshop on Situation Management (IEEE)
SIMAShip Intermediate Maintenance Activity
SIMAStrain Induced Melt Activation
SIMASilica and Magnesia (earth's crust lower shell)
SIMASystems Integration & Management Activity
SIMASystem Integration for Manufacturing Applications
SIMASmall Incremental Motion Actuator
SIMASecure Infrastructure Management Architecture
SIMASelected Intermediate Maintenance Activity
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But now I have learned the frustration stems when I don't understand Sima, and when she does not understand me.
Another possibility is that the ancestors of the Denisovans occupied a vast expanse of Asia and Europe before the Sima population evolved, says paleogeneticist Carles Lalueza-Fox of the Institute of Evolutionary Biology in Barcelona.
Matthias Meyer and his team from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, collaborated with paleontologist Juan-Luis Arsuaga and applied new techniques to a cave bear from the Sima de los Huesos site.
The local firm has also brought in Sima table saws capable of cutting tiles, concrete blocks, slabs and Sima's state-of-the-art re-bar processing equipment for cutting and bending re-bars.
While Sima continued her academic career, Arnold traveled intensively, climbed the Seven Summits and skied the Polar Regions.
Sima Samar will receive on 7 December the Right Livelihood award in Stockholm, also known as the alternative Nobel Peace Prize.
Sima, who is also the Group Vice Chairperson of Apparel Group, brings genuine warmth and a cheeky charm that results in a wonderful new talk show inviting the viewers to participate as though they were sitting in on an afternoon tea and catch up with Sima and her guests, not to mention learning a recipe or two along the way.
Sima soon becomes heavily invested in playing Timna's mother.
Sima and her colleagues noted that rates of unnecessary cancer screening are likely to be even higher in the general population of patients with advanced cancer, which would include younger patients and those who are commercially insured (JAMA 2010;304:1584-91).
Sima, who specialises in made-to-order wedding gowns and lingerie, added another line to her burgeoning business as she saw an incredible demand for custom-made party wear.
Speculation surrounds the Afghan capital, Kabul, that Dr Sima Samar 52, the head of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, founded seven years ago, will win the Nobel Peace Prize this year.