SIMATSchool Immersion Master of Arts in Teaching (Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD)
SIMATSuperstar Invitational Martial Arts Tournament (Florida)
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FMU co-simulation and SIMAT co-simulation are two different interfacing methods but work in a very similar way.
The basic virtual model was able to carry out ABS braking on a straight, flat surface using the Simulink ABS logic via SIMAT co-simulation.
After setting up these input and output channels correctly, the full vehicle model was run via the SIMAT co-simulation with the ABS Simulink block.
The first correlation exercise using the new SIMAT co-simulation ABS was carried out on a Land Rover Evoque driving on a straight tarmac surface and performing an ABS stop from 75km/h.
The resulting correlation of caliper pressure to the physical test data can be seen to be extremely encouraging; this confirmed the SIMAT ABS block was operating correctly.
The required increase in settling time for the new SIMAT ABS system caused the steering controller to become unstable and the vehicle to increasingly over-steer in an attempt to get back onto the track line.
To ensure that the SIMAT ABS block did not just work for one vehicle model; a Land Rover Discovery Sport was setup in Simpack and run over the same loadcases as the Evoque.
Since initiating this project in June 2015; Durability and Robustness Computer Aided Engineering department (D&R CAE), with the help from Deceleration and Stability Attributes (DSA) and Virtual Hub, has been able to integrate a supplier provided Electronic Braking System (EBS) into their complex virtual vehicle models via a SIMAT co-simulation using Simulink graphical programming and Simpack multi-body simulation software.