SIMCSemiconducting and Insulating Materials Conference
SIMCSociété Internationale de Musique Contemporaine (French: International Society for Contemporary Music)
SIMCSecurities Industry Middleware Council
SIMCStatistical Information Management Committee (Australia)
SIMCSymbiosis Institute of Media & Communication (Pune, Maharashtra, India)
SIMCSingapore International Mathematics Challenge
SIMCSamal Island Multipurpose Cooperative
SIMCSeattle Infinity Math Circle
SIMCSystems Integration Methodology Course
SIMCSenile Immature Cataract (opthalmology)
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SIMC deals primarily with longterm degenerative and chronic diseases.
SIMC utilizes scientifically proven conventional treatments in combination with alternative therapies that are designed to strengthen the body so that it can heal itself.
If you have a specific request, please contact SIMC to discuss your health treatment, career development, or wellness plan.
The commissioning of SIMC is an important step forward in the provision of Healthcare Reform in Shanghai.
This service model is of international standard and will be routine practice at SIMC.
SIMC's model of the multi-disciplinary approach to patients is different for that of big hospitals in China, in that the Medical Affairs Department of SIMC (managed by in-house consultants) organises and coordinates all clinicians (visiting as well as in-house) according to the condition and requirement of each patient.
To ensure the medical consultants are respected and reasonably paid for their contribution, SIMC has adopted the paid upon professional skills philosophy.
SIMC has also provided routine health check services for almost 100 people per week during that period.
Yue Mengyuan, a pediatrician at SIMC, from friends in Shanghai.
The mother also confessed that she had also been to some large hospitals in other areas in China, but the experience at SIMC was significantly different from that in those hospitals.
SIMC has embarked on the strategy of being a leading hospital in China in line with international standards in terms of hospital management.