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SIMDSingle Instruction Multiple Data
SIMDSingle Instruction-Stream, Multiple Data-Stream
SIMDScottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (Office of the Chief Statistician; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
SIMDSurfaces and Interfaces of Mesoscopic Devices (conference)
SIMDSubstance Induced Mood Disorder
SIMDSociety of Inherited Metabolic Disorders
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Both applications share a library of special effects plug-ins; a number of these plug-ins have been optimized to take advantage of Streaming SIMD Extensions.
For suitable applications, the SIMD processor array option offers up to 32 Trillion Bit Operations per Second and provides price/performance unavailable today on any other high performance platform.
The SIMD accelerated tools from CLC bio have given us a significant increase in analysis capacity that we could easily implement and take advantage of in our annotation pipeline without any further hardware investments.
The critical element developed was a SIMD array processor designed specifically to execute sophisticated algorithms in real-time on digital video signals.
Multiple configurations of ARC's award-winning 128-bit SIMD processors are capable of handling a variety of media operations such as deblock filters, pixel transforms, and audio processing in the ARC VRaptor Media Architecture.
The SC2000 also features new SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) multimedia instructions that substantially boost video processing performance.
The ARC Sound Advanced Subsystem includes three high performance compute engines: A configurable 700 family, ARC's new 128-bit SIMD accelerator with more than 60 new instructions specifically created for audio applications, and a high-throughput DMA engine.