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SIMDSingle Instruction Multiple Data
SIMDSingle Instruction-Stream, Multiple Data-Stream
SIMDScottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (Office of the Chief Statistician; Edinburgh, Scotland, UK)
SIMDSurfaces and Interfaces of Mesoscopic Devices (conference)
SIMDSubstance Induced Mood Disorder
SIMDSociety of Inherited Metabolic Disorders
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The numbers in the black corners of these boxes correspond to the articles at the bottom that describe the routines and how they are optimized using the Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions.
User interface for authoring and managing code replacement libraries, including SIMD and Intel IPP
Explores vectorization, SIMD instructions, and additional parallel libraries
The SIMD accelerated tools from CLC bio have given us a significant increase in analysis capacity that we could easily implement and take advantage of in our annotation pipeline without any further hardware investments.
The critical element developed was a SIMD array processor designed specifically to execute sophisticated algorithms in real-time on digital video signals.
ARC's VRaptor Media Architecture will support multiple ARC 750D CPUs with media extensions, multiple vectorized 128-bit SIMD processors, high performance streaming I/O, and domain specific accelerators.