SIMECSimbolo Econometrico di Valore Indotto (Italian)
SIMECSociété d'Intervention Maritime, Est du Canada Ltée (French: Eastern Canada Response Corporation Ltd)
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The move reflects the robust strategy by the global SIMEC Group to grow its British energy assets, including the establishment of an international centre of excellence for renewable and other emerging energy technologies at Newport, South Wales.
He comes to SIMEC from energy operator and developer, RWE Innogy UK, where, as finance manager, he was responsible for the accounting team on the Au2 billion ($2.
The State Government will be SIMEC ZEN Energys first electricity customer.
The SIMEC 2010 took place in Jazan University, Saudi Arabia, in April 2010 with the participation of over a dozen speakers from the United States, the United Kingdom and countries from the region.
The acquisition of the former Arrium businesses, which employ around 6,000 people, builds upon the GFG Alliance's strong track record of acquisitions and turnarounds in the UK, where it is now one of the country's largest industrial employers, with more than 5,000 staff in its Liberty House and SIMEC groups.
ENERGY operator and developer SIMEC Uskmouth Power has appointed Paul Llewellyn as head of finance as it steps up its UK expansion programme.
He comes to SIMEC from energy operator and developer RWE Innogy UK, where, as finance manager, he was responsible for the accounting team on the PS2bn Gwynt Y Mor wind farm project off the North Wales coast.
Gupta Family Group Alliance companies Liberty House and SIMEC plan to turn adjacent Newport sites into a steel super-plant powered by renewable energy.
They met management of SIMEC who explained how the UK's changing energy policies will help achieve the dual objective of reducing carbon emissions while making the UK steel sector competitive again.
The move is part of a wider strategy by the Gupta family company SIMEC to create multi-billion pound renewable energy capacity worldwide and apply innovative technologies to provide low-cost power for energy-intensive industries, particularly steel.
The past year has seen SIMEC and sister company Liberty House acquire extensive power generation, steel production and engineering capacity across the UK, including the 393 megawatt Uskmouth Power Station at Newport.
Simecs chief investment officer Jay Hambro noted: We are particularly excited about this opportunity to expand our investment in the tidal power sector which we see as a game-changing technology that holds huge possibilities for cheap, clean power in the future.