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SIMEISalone Internazionale Macchine per Enologia (Italian: International Machinery Exhibition for Enology and Bottling)
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I once lived in a three-bedroom unit in an elegant condominium in Simei.
With a touch of refined sarcasm, the editor-in-chief Simei asks his deputy editor Colonna to illustrate a "fundamental principle of democratic journalism, which is separating fact from opinion" (Eco, 2015: 45) and, basically, concealing the intent to lie (actually, the intent to deceive).
They work under the close and watchful eyes of Simei who intervenes frequently with his calculated suggestions and objections whenever the conversation heads toward objective journalism.
Y sin mentir", explica Simei en una de las reuniones de mayo.
Bush's delivery completes the construction of Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, but their legacy will continue" said Simei.
With: Xu Lu, Cai Yong, Yang Fei, Hu Yamin, Yin Simei, Principal Cheng, Chen Jianqiang, Hong Yiquang, Xu Bin, Xu Junliang, Yang Jun, Dr.
Kieran Simei (22) plunged a kitchen knife 15cm into Jolene Colpus in the hallway of her flat in Basingstoke, Hants, in June last year.
Apt 07-05, 5 Simei St 3, Singapore 529892; fax: 65-62253931; email: pchlebicki@hotmail.
Its non-frozen product line is extensive, ranging from instant noodles, candy and pickled preserves (under the Simei label) to moon cakes, soy sauce, mixed congee and wheat crisp snacks.
Tampines is the first regional centre to be developed as it has an existing large population base in Tampines New Town, Bedok New Town and Simei New Town.
Six years ago, shortly after the egg shape started to make inroads in wine production, an egg-shaped tank made of oak was designed and produced by artisan Joseph Francois and exhibited at the 2011 SIMEI trade show in Milan.
With the integration of SIMEI, a leading trade fair for winemaking and bottling technology, total hall space has increased to 150000m 2 .