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SIMEXSingapore International Monetary Exchange
SIMEXSimulation Exercise
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In an effort to emphasize the importance of this training, the unit conducted a SIMEX in the Clarke Simulation Center at Fort Benning, Georgia.
contractual clauses, Simex, a third party distributor, was able to
Tse (1995) examined the behaviour of prices in the Nikkei index and the corresponding SIMEX traded futures contract and found that lagged changes of the futures price affected the short-term adjustments of the futures price.
Originally this office traded only equities until it became increasingly involved in trading futures contracts on the SIMEX (today's Singapore Exchange).
In the day's last match, Dadabhai Holidays managed to sneak past Simex Hafsa with a late goal from Terry.
The Turkish minister also expressed hope that Simex International plant in
During JSuW's February 2009 SIMEX [simulation exercise] event, JMETC partnered with the Defense Information Systems Agency to connect three separate sites for one week of focused events to simulate the littoral warfighting environment, with virtual F-18s in the Boeing Center for Integrated Defense Simulation in St.
Simex saw 5,000 lots traded daily, or 10 million tonnes a month, at its peak before dwindling to 162 lots a day when the contract became inactive in 1995.
The Conventa show is an evolution of the Simex trade show, which took place in 2007 and 2008.