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SIMIANSemi-Integrated, Monkey-Interfacing Anthropomorphic Node
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Akamai also supports real-time visibility into download performance and views, which Simian uses as part of its analytics interface to help users to track and measure how and where specific content is being viewed and used.
We performed alignment analysis of the complete nucleotide hexon sequences of the 10 novel strains and of reference human and simian adenoviruses by using the MUSCLE program within the MEGA5 software package (6).
Ian said: "In the six years since Simian was formed, the business has gone from a basement in Chester to a 15,000 sq ft office - which includes our Construction Industry Scaffolders Records Scheme training centre - and 22 employees.
SISTER ROSE, CRAFTY SIMIAN, THE PURNELLS: Georgian Theatre, Stockton Tonight.
Outside of Simian Mobile Disco, you work as a producer and musician.
The Jameses Ford and Shaw now ply their trade as Simian Mobile Disco, a production and remix team who also play sets of indie-inflected dance noise and pop up all over the place.
Diddy - the DJ and producer says his Simian partner Jas Shaw has no problem with his other job.
Worshipped by Hindu faithfulls across India as the incarnation of monkey-faced god "Hanuman", the simians are highly revered, but have in most areas turned out to be a nuisance.
The court held, inter alia, that the defendants' expert medical witnesses' testimony that simian creases on the baby's hands were evidence of a prenatal injury as opposed to anything that occurred during delivery.
Well, James Shaw and James Ford - who together make up DJ/production duo Simian Mobile Disco - are living the dream.
Ibaraki, Japan) has patented a method for highly efficient gene transfer into primate-derived embryonic stem (ES) cells has successfully been achieved by using a simian immunodeficiency virus vector (SIV) pseudotyped with VSV-G protein, which is a surface glycoprotein of vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) The present invention provides simian immunodeficiency virus vectors for gene transfer to primate ES cells.
for a simian that means a few trees on a plot of land -- but instead will enjoy the ambience of a $7.