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SIMICSeverely Indebted Medium Income Country (World Bank)
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SIMIC KNOWS all too well that language alone is an unreliable witness in and of itself.
Toshiba is using Wind River Simics to develop application software for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on image recognition SoCs.
Virtutech's Simics platform provides full-system checkpointing for SystemC-based transaction-level modeling (TLM), the provider of virtualised systems development (VSD) said on Monday.
VirtuHammer" is a high-powered tool featuring Virtutech's Simics software and a 1.
80-90% of simulation models created using Wind River Simics can be reused for future missions, representing long-term cost savings for NASA program.
As a full system simulator, Simics provides the power to simulate any type of system and anticipate roadblocks sooner than ever, or easily test and solve difficult debugging challenges.
Wind River Simics now includes Quick Start Platform (QSP), which provides a synthetic virtual platform coupled with an instruction set simulator for specific architectures.
ESC SILICON VALLEY - Wind River, a world leader in embedded and mobile software, today introduced Wind River Simics 4.
Starting with our support of the QorIQ P4080 in 2008, we have provided Simics virtual platforms to help Freescale and their customers and partners develop QorIQ based products in advance of hardware availability," said Michel Genard, vice president, product strategy and marketing for Simics at Wind River.
Simics Analyzer is designed to easily integrate with VxWorks and Wind River Linux as well as support other operating systems and tools environments to account for all manner of heterogeneous designs and enable full system simulation.
With the addition of the Simics products, Wind River adds a key solution to further help customers improve time-to-market, as system complexity and ever more stringent demands upon overall system quality rapidly increase.
will provide a direct channel to regional businesses and enhance support for existing Simics customers in the Asia Pacific market.