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SIMILESemantic Interoperability of Metadata and Information in Unlike Environments
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SOCRATES: In order that I might make another simile about you.
"Little woman." His similes were humorous, but there was no humor in their meaning.
On the side of poetical expression such imaginative figures of speech as metaphors and similes, and such devices as alliteration, prove especially helpful.
With the benefit of hindsight, the price fan simile
She whip-smartly used the simile of hot button Brexit issue and wrote, 'Tories who formerly trashed May's deal now say 'Context and circumstances have changed' and are backing it, but refuse to accept that context and circumstances of Brexit have changed and it could also be reconsidered.' Jemima further shunned all potential queries with her caption reading, 'This is always going to be the first reply to every tweet for the rest of my life until I'm dead.' Jemima and the cricketer-turned-politician married in 1995 and divorced nine years later.
The human rights minister made a strange simile between the Sri Lankan team attack in Lahore and the attack in New Zealand, which the Bangladeshi team barely missed.
Blandiana recognizes that in poetry it's words that mediate, shape, and define what silence becomes possible: "We witness how words withdraw into themselves--as a snail, disappointed by what it discovers, retracts its antennae--in a process that has no end, like time." The double simile here leaps first into the psyche of the snail and then into the figure of time as endless process.
Blackadder has provided a wonderful collection of parodies on the simile: he is as clever as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Clever at Oxford University; he's madder than Mad Jack McMad, the winner of last year's Mr Madman competition; the worst entertainer since St Paul the Evangelist toured Palestine with his trampolining act; and you ride a horse rather less well than another horse would; plus many more.
In a statement to KUNA Tuesday, the Orphanage Director Ayad Al-Masri said that the KRCS's gesture is meant to draw a simile on the face of the orphanage's traumatized children who lost their parents.
There's some natty callback material as the show progresses while the wordplay throughout is exquisite - few comics boast quite such a mastery of the simile in particular - but some of the topics wear a little thin.
Daragh O'Connell discusses Dante's novel poetic practice, including self-fashioning, focusing in particular on his use of maritime similes, as the title indicates: 'Dante's Silent Ship: Similes, Swimming and Seafaring in the Commedia.' O'Connell thus closes the first group of essays, more specifically tied to the art of poetry, with an emphasis on the poetic device, the simile, 'in which both art and nature may truly be said to come together' (p.
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