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SIMISSIcheres MIkroprozessor System
SIMISScheme Irrigation Management Information System (decision support system)
SIMISShared Integrated Management Information System (Illinois Primary Health Care Association)
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This relationship between low language command and language processing based on low-level linguistic components, was stated long time ago (Perfetti 1985) and applied to explain some difficulties in L2 acquisition (Fukkink, Hulstijn and Simis 2005, Taguchi, Gorsuch and Sasamoto 2006, Koda 2007).
Simis Shukuroglou: The profile that nearly never happened
Siemens Mobility will be supplying the Trainguard 100 train control system, the Vicos automatic operations control system, and Simis W electronic interlockings.
89) Similarly, Simis notes that Soviet society was thoroughly corrupt, forcing nearly everyone to 'live a lie' and to engage in 'blat' and bribe paying.
Cal State Northridge 5, USC 4: Tommy Simis scored the winning run on a single by Jason Dabbs in the bottom of the 11th, giving the Matadors (20-29) their second straight nonleague win over the Trojans (23-25).
CSUN 9, Pepperdine 8: Tommy Simis drove in the tying and winning runs with a single to center field with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 11th inning at Matador Field.
Otras investigaciones importantes son la de Anita Simis vinculada a la industria del cine y la de Valerio Brittos en materia de television.
One enjoyable activity for students in Gordon's 3rd-grade class at Madison Simis School in Phoenix entails asking their parents for the ages of their three or four oldest living relatives.
Gregory Sidak, Theodore Simis, Andrew Sinwell, Martin Taschdjian, Jason Weller, and Lawrence Zikuoska.
Deborah Gordon, Madison Simis School, Phoenix, Arizona