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SIMISSIcheres MIkroprozessor System
SIMISScheme Irrigation Management Information System (decision support system)
SIMISShared Integrated Management Information System (Illinois Primary Health Care Association)
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Simis Shukuroglou: The profile that nearly never happened
Simis, USSR: The Corrupt Society--The Secret World of Soviet Capitalism (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1982).
HCS will also leverage the assistance of SimIS, Inc.
Anita Simis registra que o tabelamento entrou em vigor em 1948 e os preços variavam de acordo com a categoria das salas de exibição.
And if we want to continue to provide our kids with teachers that are skilled and knowledgeable, we have to pay them accordingly and compete with the Oak Parks, Las Virgenes and Simis that are out there.
Simis Ltd, SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies, Inc.
The railway will be equipped with Siemens Trainguard 100 ETCS Level 1, Vicos automatic operations control system, and five Simis W electronic interlockings.
American Leadership Academy Arizona Agribusiness High School Benchmark Elementary School Bethany Christian School Centennial Elementary School Centennial Middle School Arizona College Prep (ACP) Coronado Elementary Country Place Cross of Glory Lutheran School Deer Valley Crossroads Desert Canyon Elementary East Valley High School Emily Gray Junior High School Florence High Gila Bend Elementary Gila Bend High Hidden Hills Elementary School Johnson Elementary School Knoles Elementary Litchfield Elementary School Loma Linda Elementary School Madison Meadows Middle School Madison Richard Simis School Riggs Elementary Scott Libby Elementary Skyview High School Ss.
I think the Simis of the world need to continually look out of the box,'' he said.
To implement this strategy, Eidos acquired four interactive software companies, resulting in a substantial expansion of its operations: In October 1995, the company acquired Domark, Simis, and Big Red, and in April 1996, it acquired CentreGold.
Siemens 68m share of the contract announced on September 11 includes provision of Trainguard 100 ETCS Level 1, Vicos automatic operations control and Simis W electronic interlockings for the six stations.
Rich Simis, President of Simac, says: "Although profit line items have compressed severely since 2008 we are enjoying a significant volume of national construction business on a repeat basis.