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SIMMSingle Inline Memory Module
SIMMShanghai Institute of Materia Medica (Chinese Academy of Sciences; Shanghai, China)
SIMMService Integration Maturity Model (service-oriented architecture; business networking)
SIMMSymbolically Integrated Maintenance Manual
SIMMSuccessful Investing Money Management
SIMMStichting Institute of Medical Marijuana (Netherlands; est. 1993)
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The licensing fees collected will cover annual maintenance and recalibration costs associated with the ISDA SIMM to ensure it continues to meet current and future regulatory standards.
The defense presented a psychological evaluation that said Simms had "paranoid personality disorder" and also possibly had "dramatically low iron" levels when the accident happened.
The victim's girlfriend Karina Johnson told police she saw Pike stab Mr Simms in the chest as soon as he opened the door.
Pike accepts stabbing Mr Simms with a knife to the chest but claims he was acting in self-defence.
While the 140 acres is presently in the County of Vermilion River, Simms says the City of Lloydminster, which will be supplying the water, sewer and power services to the complex, is expected to annex that land in the near future.
Cooper Simms has served the Central Florida community since it opened its doors in 1934.
Third, Simms argues that international competition profoundly shaped the internal development of states.
Simms was honored for her outstanding achievements along with the 39 other award winners.
Their central contention--that in neglecting Simms we neglect a pivotal force in the early development of American letters--is a strong one, for Simms, via the many biographies and historical "romances" he penned, was one of the first proponents of a uniquely American literature.
Instead, I felt that Simms was all too liberally applying biblical, rabbinic, Kabbalistic, liturgical, and even Yiddish terminology to a historical person and event without making the case for their relevance--either historical or theoretical--to Dreyfus's story.
He's back to normal, he's back in full training and he's good to go," Simms said.
Right, dress, pounds 230, from Sonique and shoes, pounds 30, from Simms Footwear, Birmingham.