SIMMASyndicat des Industries de Matériels de Manutention (French: Union of Industrial and Materials Handling)
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This process could be assisted by the fact that some modern positivists recognize a "basic norm," labeled "Grundnorm," that values the "unity of primary and secondary sources." Simma & Paulus, supra note 11, at 306; see also BOBBITT, supra note 6, at 590.
One international nongovernmental organization in particular, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, has been especially vocal in its espousal of EIAs (Ruster, Simma, and Bock 1983).
(83) On whether the pre-bombing human fights abuses of Yugoslav forces could be termed genocide or something comparable, see Independent International Commission on Kosovo, The Kosovo Report (2000) 136 (comparing the abuses with `numerous other recent counterinsurgency wars, for example Colombia or Turkey'); Simma, above n 34, 2.
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These writers maintain that, based on the accepted rules of treaty interpretation -- textual analysis and an examination of the travaux preparatoires of the Charter -- Article 2(4) was meant to be a watertight prohibition against the use of force (Simma 1999, pp.
He will be joined by a line-up of top DJ collectives such as Sim Simma, Orange Tree Edits, Gash Collective, Fulton + Gold, Dip, Club Comfort, Watermelon, R&B Club, Repeater and Soft Boy Records who will be behind the decks to keep the party going in the main arena throughout the three-day event.
See Simon Chesterman, "Article 99," in Bruno Simma, Daniel-Erasmus Khan, Georg Nolle, and Andreas Paulus eds., The Charter of the United Nations: A Commentary, 3rd ed.