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SIMNETSimulation Network (Model)
SIMNETSimulator Networking
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Since the introduction of SIMNET, all major simulation systems, both virtual immersive systems and constructive wargames, have been developed as networked devices that can inter-operate with other simulations to create a larger and richer representation of the battlespace.
If we treat the introduction of SIMNET as "Disruption Zero" ([D.
SIMNET disrupted and displaced a number of systems and technologies that came before it.
For the Army, the investment in SIMNET has multiple returns, not the least of which is the reduced costs of training tank crews: The cost of driving an M1 tank for 1 kilometer is about $90; a SIMNET unit can be run for an hour for about $5, over many kilometers of virtual terrain.
the SIMNET facilities use virtual reality simulators to replicate 41 M1 Abrams tanks and 10 M2 Bradley fighting vehicles.
The increase in sales volume from the prior fiscal year is primarily due to sales from the two new SIMNET upgrade contracts, which were awarded during the last six months, as well as higher volume on the EST 2000 program.
2 million SIMNET hardware upgrade award, provide an excellent start for fiscal year 2003.
ECC will upgrade legacy M1 and M2 SIMNET modules to M1A1 and M2A2 configurations, conduct replacement of the input/output (I/O) system, and facilitate the total SIMNET upgrade program as the lead systems integrator.
We look forward to working with STRICOM and the ARNG to successfully upgrade the SIMNET system to a higher level of technology and interoperability.
Army STRICOM Omnibus Contract for the SIMNET Visual System Upgrade project.
Jesse Liu, president of AcuSoft, said, "The award of the SIMNET Visual Upgrade program to the ECC/AcuSoft team validates the Army's confidence in AcuSoft's visual and database products: AcuScene(a) PC-IG, Evolver and Side-By-Side.
RTIME's platform came out of its founders' experience with SIMNET, a $250m U.