SIMNSASystemas Medicos Nacionales
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Our affiliation with Scripps will be important as we work together to transform the delivery of health care in our region, said Frank Carrillo, president and CEO of SIMNSA.
We have been looking for opportunities to expand the Scripps Health Network and our agreement with SIMNSA is the perfect way to do so in Mexico.
The SIMNSA network includes more than 200 physicians along the U.
Over the years, SIMNSAs medical campus in Tijuana has grown to an eight-story outpatient medical tower with services including primary and specialty care, a full-service dental clinic, state-of-the-art stem cell therapy, an ambulatory surgical center, a medical spa, radiology and laboratory.
With access to Aetna's provider network in California as well as the SIMNSA network in Mexico, we believe we can help members achieve their optimal health.
Additionally, if Salud HMO y mas members have dependents living in Mexico, the dependents continue being eligible to enroll for coverage and receive care from SIMNSA providers.
With state-of-the-art medical facilities in Tijuana, Mexicali and Tecate, the SIMNSA Network offers access to more than 140 physicians and eight hospitals.
We are proud to be the first Mexican HMO to satisfy California licensing requirements and we are looking forward to offering services to an expanded client base," said Frank Carrillo, president and chief executive officer of SIMNSA.
9 people, this represents 156,000 who would benefit from the SIMNSA product in San Diego alone.
The SIMNSA HMO costs roughly half that of equivalent care through a U.