SIMOPSimultaneous Operation
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Enhancements, such as the SIMOPS feature, add an additional safety layer to operations, and the graphics display can be used with manual controls in the unlikely event of total failure of the DP system.
To overcome this issue, Cambla developed the Schedule Animation Tool (SAT), a multi-user application that provides an accurate visual representation of a vessel's location and planned activities, making it easier for operators to identifying times when vessels are required to be in close proximity to other vessels or installations and generates a list of relevant SIMOPs or Close Approach Risk Assessments required to be carried out in advance.
The layout of the falcon shaped islands has been finalized and an optimum well location for drilling and SIMOPS 1- and 42 wells from 
the SARB-2.
"The idea is to have two parallel runways that are sufficiently separate to support SIMOPS (simultaneous operations), and that can service Airbus 380s.
A commercial spin off of the Hotzone project, SimOps Studios now sells its own 3-D simulation design software catered to first responders, dubbed Code3D, and consults users on developing their own training simulation with customized land-scapes, scenarios, and tracking.