SIMPARSimulation, Modeling and Programming for Autonomous Robots
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M5 Networks Inc, a provider of smart phone systems using VoIP technology, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with SIMPAR International Inc, an IT solutions provider in the US, to deliver voice services to US enterprise customers.
The Real Estate and Holding Company (SIMPAR) saw its revenues fall by 50% in 2018 compared to the year 2017, broker Mena Capital Partners (MCP).
In a recent notice of threshold crossing, the Tunisian Insurance Group "GAT" said it had exceeded the rate of 10% in the capital of the Real Estate and Shareholding Company (SIMPAR).
The biggest drop in results affected SIMPAR (-70.1%), BTE (-65.6%), STAR (-54.5%), SAM (-39.5%), SAH (-25.9%), TUNIS RE (-22.8%), SANIMED (-19%) , 6%), INVESTMENT TUNISIA SICAF (-8.3%), LAND'OR (-6.6%) and ENNAKL AUTOMOBILES (-5.9%).
In contrast, the largest declines in revenue were recorded by SIMPAR (-73.9%), ELECTROSTAR (-53.4%) and ALKIMIA (-49.3%).
Summary: The SIMPAR real estate company has published its interim financial statements as at June 30, 2017, showing a net profit for the period of around 1.016 million dinars compared with