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SIMPLESIP (Session Initiation Protocol) for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions
SIMPLESavings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers
SIMPLESip for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions
SIMPLESemi-Implicit Method for Pressure Linked Equations (computational fluid dynamics)
SIMPLEStandard Interface for Multiple Platform Link Evaluation
SIMPLESimulation of Industrial Management Problems with Lots of Equations
SIMPLESimulations for Professional Learning
SIMPLESatellite Interactive Multimedia Platform for Low-cost Earth Stations
SIMPLEStandard Implementation for Multi-Platform Link Exercise (less common)
SIMPLEStandard Implementation for Multi-Platform Link Evaluation
SIMPLESIMC4I Interchange Module for Plans, Logistics, & Exercises (US Army)
SIMPLESession Initiation Protocol for Instant Presence Leveraging Extensions
References in classic literature ?
The kind of argument which formerly made me accept Brentano's view in this case was exceedingly simple.
Here then, you will say, is the poet for us, the poet who tells of simple things in simple words, such as we can understand.
All that seemed so simple to Stepan Arkadyevitch, Alexey Alexandrovitch had thought over thousands of times.
She knew that Sonya with her severe and simple views would either not understand it at all or would be horrified at such a confession.
It was a very simple device, but perfectly effective, as I think any one will find who employs it in like circumstances; and I would really like to commend it to growing boys troubled as I was then.
The 'popular' ballads are the simple and spontaneous expression of the elemental emotion of the people, emotion often crude but absolutely genuine and unaffected.
No sound louder than a stifled sob had been heard among them, nor had even a limb been moved throughout that long and painful period, except to perform the simple and touching offerings that were made, from time to time, in commemoration of the dead.
He went to while away the next three hours as he could, with his other acquaintance, till the best dinner that a capital inn afforded was ready for their enjoyment, and she turned in to her more simple one immediately.
And there are still some who think that, after all, the style is the man; justified, in very great varieties, by the simple consideration of what he himself has to say, quite independently of any real or supposed connection with this or that literary age or school.
And here comes the point: is not thirst the desire which the soul has of drink, and of drink only; not of drink qualified by anything else; for example, warm or cold, or much or little, or, in a word, drink of any particular sort: but if the thirst be accompanied by heat, then the desire is of cold drink; or, if accompanied by cold, then of warm drink; or, if the thirst be excessive, then the drink which is desired will be excessive; or, if not great, the quantity of drink will also be small: but thirst pure and simple will desire drink pure and simple, which is the natural satisfaction of thirst, as food is of hunger?
Saxon made for herself simple house slips of pretty gingham, with neat low collars turned back from her fresh round throat.
As I walked by her side that May morning, I was only conscious of her voice and her exquisite girlhood; for though she talked with the APLOMB of a woman of the world, a passionate candour and simple ardour in her manner would have betrayed her, had her face not plainly declared her the incarnation of twenty.