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SIMPLESIP (Session Initiation Protocol) for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions
SIMPLESavings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers
SIMPLESip for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions
SIMPLESemi-Implicit Method for Pressure Linked Equations (computational fluid dynamics)
SIMPLEStandard Interface for Multiple Platform Link Evaluation
SIMPLESimulations for Professional Learning
SIMPLESimulation of Industrial Management Problems with Lots of Equations
SIMPLESatellite Interactive Multimedia Platform for Low-cost Earth Stations
SIMPLEStandard Implementation for Multi-Platform Link Exercise (less common)
SIMPLEStandard Implementation for Multi-Platform Link Evaluation
SIMPLESIMC4I Interchange Module for Plans, Logistics, & Exercises (US Army)
SIMPLESession Initiation Protocol for Instant Presence Leveraging Extensions
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They are said to be "copies" of sensations, always as regards the simple qualities that enter into them, though not always as regards the manner in which these are put together.
He next explains the difference between simple and complex ideas, and explains that a complex idea may occur without any similar complex impression.
Wordsworth fought the battle of the simple word, and phrase, and thought, and won it.
With Wordworth's simple tastes this sum was enough to live upon for several years, so he asked his dearly loved sister Dorothy to make her home with him, and together they settled down to a simple cottage life in Dorsetshire.
"And I, by agreeing to an unlawful divorce, shall be to blame for her ruin." He had thought it all over hundreds of times, and was convinced that a divorce was not at all simple, as Stepan Arkadyevitch had said, but was utterly impossible.
She knew that Sonya with her severe and simple views would either not understand it at all or would be horrified at such a confession.
Everything is action, simple feeling, or vivid scenes, with no merely abstract moralizing (except in a few unusual cases); and often much of the story or sentiment is implied rather than directly stated.
They are such as make appeal to the underlying human instincts--brave exploits in individual fighting or in organized war, and the romance and pathos and tragedy of love and of the other moving situations of simple life.
As this simple and yet terrible annunciation stole on the ears of the multitude, a stillness as deep and awful succeeded as if the venerated spirit they worshiped had uttered the words without the aid of human organs; and even the inanimate Uncas appeared a being of life, compared with the humbled and submissive throng by whom he was surrounded.
Yes, he said; the simple desire is, as you say, in every case of the simple object, and the qualified desire of the qualified object.
Nor were poets and romancers from over sea--in their seeming simple paper covers, but with, oh, such complicated and subtle insides!--absent from the court which Nicolete held here in the greenwood.
Imagination has been verified by fact; the King Solomon's Mines I dreamed of have been discovered, and are putting out their gold once more, and, according to the latest reports, their diamonds also; the Kukuanas or, rather, the Matabele, have been tamed by the white man's bullets, but still there seem to be many who find pleasure in these simple pages.