SIMTechSingapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
SIMTECHSimulation Technology Program
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Dynamic Stabilization Systems, SIMTech and Design Tech will also be demonstrating the capabilities of their robotic innovations at the zone.
The Workforce Skills Qualifications Graduate Diploma in MedTech Manufacturing is a training program developed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency in collaboration with SIMTech.
IP created during the engagement often is owned by the host company, says Stephen Wong, director, Industry Development Office at the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, or SIMTech.
The 2-year collaboration between the institutes of the two countries will build on the collective and complementary research capabilities in sustainable manufacturing technologies in SIMTech, and expertise in the areas of sustainable development and design combining real world experience with a strong academic and research background in GIS.
Missile systems under test in digital and hardware-in-the-loop simulations using SimTech scene generators include Joint Common Missile, Patriot PAC-3, Eagle Eyes, and Apache Longbow.
The Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation (PE COI) Annual Conference, jointly organised with SIMTech, brings to light new developments surrounding the precision engineering industry, including current business opportunities and challenges precision engineering companies face in today's challenging, competitive manufacturing landscape.
Participants can also get to experience moderate to severe turbulence in the Flight Simulators at Simtech Aviation in Dublin Airport.
Meanwhile, Germany's Lanner SimTech GmbH was awarded "Reseller of the Year" for the second year in a row recognizing the firms's increased revenues and high levels of customer satisfaction.
SIMTech develops high-value manufacturing technology and human capital for use by Singapore industry.
In reviewing Grenidea's entire product life cycle, SIMTech helped the company to understand the underlying issues to help it improve the lead time for product development and reduce the cost of the sustainable manufacturing process.
SimTech 2003 software differs significantly from Paulson's older Skillbuilder injection machine simulator: Skillbuilder limited users to a choice of three machine types, four mold configurations, and a half-dozen materials.