SIMTechSingapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology
SIMTECHSimulation Technology Program
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SimTech addresses this by working in concert with universities, which tend to do more blue sky research, while its parent, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), researches cutting-edge, industry-targeted technologies.
SIMTech has assisted many local enterprises to break new grounds and secure global markets using sustainablemanufacturing technologies.
Following a successful Phase I effort, the company said SimTech engineers and computer scientists will use the newly-developed framework to build a prototype application that can be accessed from a workstation, smartphone or any platform in between.
Participants can also get to experience moderate to severe turbulence in the Flight Simulators at Simtech Aviation in Dublin Airport.
Meanwhile, Germany's Lanner SimTech GmbH was awarded "Reseller of the Year" for the second year in a row recognizing the firms's increased revenues and high levels of customer satisfaction.
SIMTech develops high-value manufacturing technology and human capital for use by Singapore industry.
In reviewing Grenidea's entire product life cycle, SIMTech helped the company to understand the underlying issues to help it improve the lead time for product development and reduce the cost of the sustainable manufacturing process.
Demonstrating newest version of SimTech machine simulator.
Kollsman collaborates closely with Simtech, an Israeli company that in fact produced the Tow trainer for its United States' affiliate and has formed Simagine in the Netherlands to aid further penetration of world markets.
Over the next three years, Earth Networks, with its partner Simtech, will work with INPE to deploy and operate the Brazilian Total Lightning Network (BTLN), consisting of a dense network of up to 200 WeatherBug Lightning Sensors.
Jointly organised by SES and the SIMTech, the 5th edition of the PE COI (Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation) Annual Conference will provide an invaluable opportunity for SMEs in Singapore to explore business partnerships with leading manufacturers in the Aerospace, Complex Equipment Medical Technology and Oil & Gas, and sectors.
SimTech also provides the guaranteed placement to each of their students with technical experiences of telecom industry.