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Simula is a safety technology company and supplier of human safety and survival systems to all branches of the U.
The CoRE Network provides the ideal model and structure to drive the adoption of open source in the enterprise by reducing the amount of risk enterprises must assume when integrating it into their application and IT infrastructure," said Winston Damarillo, CEO of Simula Labs.
The collaborative efforts and contributions of the CABS product development team have resulted in a cost-effective way of minimizing the risk of injury or death of helicopter pilots during a crash," said Brad Forst, President and Chief Executive Officer of Simula.
Covalent's partnership with Simula Labs and the CoRE Network gives end-users even more choice, and provides the option to adopt a process framework that can help developers build, run and manage on top of Covalent ERS and complementary open source technologies, such as Apache Maven and Apache ServiceMix.
Simula will have overall responsibility to integrate all components of the CABS into kits to be installed in the Black Hawk helicopter.
Through the efforts of passionate technical talent around the world, and the stewardship of the Apache Software Foundation's meritocracy-based community, open source technologies have matured to the point where they can deliver world-class software to the enterprise," said Winston Damarillo, CEO, Simula Labs.
With the Simula polymers, we can offer today the same high optical quality and stability of hard resin with an impact strength and scratch resistance exceeding polycarbonate, making it the material of choice for sport, leisure and fashion eyewear.
a Simula Labs company, provides training, services and add-ons to support the leading, open source-based build platform, Apache Software Foundation's Maven and Continuum projects.
Simula Labs' team of seasoned, technology industry executives actively partners with its portfolio companies to determine initial target markets and to guide product development, distribution and pricing strategies.
Simula announced in June that it is leaving the rail seating business but will retain its proprietary safety technologies.
We think this is an excellent result for Simula, our shareholders, our customers, employees and community.
Simula has been a long-time supplier of other crash protection systems for military applications.