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SINADSignal, Noise and Distortion (audio measurement)
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Sinad said: "We ended up in a cab in some place that was quite dangerous.
HELP Paula McMurdo and Sinad Moloney of The Procurement Centre
DARCY Two-year-old Darcy is a lively King Charles spaniel who lives with Sinad and Olive McCabe in Dublin, Ireland.
Catch the boys and acts including Sophie Ellis Bextor and Sinad and the Dawnbreakers.
Fifty per cent of the fee for a basic will drawn up by assistant solicitors Sinad Rickard and Peter Tyrrell will go to the charity, which helps children affected by bereavement in Hereford and Worcester.
In a separate incident, Irish singer Sinad O'Connor reported him to the police in London for drug possession - in an attempt, she said, to discourage him from using heroin.
The product weighs less than 4kg and features broadband power meter, frequency meter, deviation and modulation Index, SINAD and distortion measurements.
Microwave and RF test equipment; millivoltmeters, power and capacitance meters, calibrators, audio, modulation, SINAD and peak power analyzers for RADAR, WLAN, GSM, CDMA and 3G test applications.
Kildare under the command of Lieutenant Sinad N Bhrain.
In addition, and much less common, a number of frequency-domain measurements such as SFDR, THD, SNR, and SINAD also are provided.
After a hesitant start Sinad proved herself to be a sharp shooter as she blasted clay pigeons from the sky like she was in a Clint Eastwood movie.