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Abdulrahman Saleh Al Sinan is leading a delegation from the National and Passports Affairs Directorate, including Search and Follow-up director Lieutenant-Colonel Talal Nabeel Taqi and Development and Electronic Services chief Adel Youssef Janahi.
Talking to The Nation from UAE on Monday, Sinan said: 'It is my fourth medal for Pakistan in four months this year.
Dubai: UAE-based Pakistani player Sinan Ashfaq won a silver medal for his country at the Sofia Open Taekwondo Championship held in Bulgaria on April 20-21.
'Sinan has good prospects in the Cadet Taekwondo World Cup if he continues to work hard,' he said Hatim in a statement.
Speaking with The News, Sinan proudly stated that the victory always encourages a player, provides energy to do more rigorous training to perform well in competition.
Lasting 188 minutes, "The Wild Pear Tree" centers on Sinan (Aydin Dogu Demirkol), a literature graduate who returns from university to his parents' rural town.
A final decision has not yet been taken, but Mr Al Sinan argued it was necessary to keep Bahrain tidy - and called for those caught feeding wildlife to face criminal prosecution.
Sinan, who's an Iraqi Christian spoke of growing up in the same neighbourhood as Abdul Ahad, a Sunni Muslim.
06 ( ANI ): One of the 12 MPs disqualified from the Parliament by the Election Commission in the Maldives, Abdulla Sinan, has recently returned back to the Maldives from eight-month exile.
In his first intervention, Erek 'stood in commemoration' of Ozdemir at the Bosphorus waterside of the Mimar Sinan University.
Eighty per cent complete, Camlica stares presumptuously at the most magnificent of Sinan's Istanbul creations, on the Thracian shore of the Golden Horn.
Segundo dados do Sistema de Informacao sobre Agravos de Notificacao (SINAN), de 2007 a 2013 foram notificados 203.709 casos de acidentes de trabalho com exposicao a material biologico com a ocupacao do trabalhador reconhecida (5,6).