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SINBADSingle Income, No Boyfriend Absolutely Desperate :-)
SINBADStandard INter-program Bundle of Associated Data
SINBADSingle Income No Bloke And Desperate :-)
SINBADSingle Income No Bloke Absolutely Desperate :-)
SINBADSingle Income No Bloke And Delighted :-)
SINBADSQL Interface for Browsing Any Database
SINBADSingle Income No Bird And Delighted :-)
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The audience was eagerly waiting for the production as "The Traveler Sinbad" is the first rock opera in Azerbaijan.
Brookside lovebirds Sinbad (Michael Starke) and Marcia Barrett (Cheryl Maiker) celebrate their engagement at Goodison Park
Sinbad was run by Major Philip Steam Mumford and his first wife Marjorie, alongside their son Peter and his wife Pauline.REPUTABLE FACILITYbrIn 1983, the Black Enterprise magazine described this place as "quietly luxurious and impeccably run, with an international guest list".
If BA[degrees]Boy Engine A[degrees] Abdullah al Rawahi A[degrees] is known for his powerful moves and unbeatable energy, BA[degrees]Boy Sinbad has made a name for himself with synchronised footwork and freezes, coupled with his affable charm.
DRAW for Saturday's PS1,000 Mark And Derek Maiden Puppy Stakes final: 1 Droopys Portrush 2 Swift Edwards 3 Roswell Phoenix 4 Coolavanny Gold 5 Ballymac Sinbad (m) 6 Swift Turbo (m)
Sinbad The Sailor, which also boasts a gorilla, spitting camel and a sea monster, cruises on with performances on January 15, 16, 17, 22, 23 and 24 (7.30pm).
Elwan said investors would make significant returns on residential property on Sinbad Island due to Iraq regulations favouring the investor.
"Every now and then I get messages on Twitter from Sinbad fans around the world.
DEREK BROWN'S NAP: Sinbad The Sailor ( 4.30, Lingfield).
Sinbad (Sky1, tonight, 7pm) * ELLIOT Knight is unmissable as the eponymous Arabian Knights hero in this adventure series that's actually taken the UK by storm, and tonight the young actor puts in another sterling performance, as he enters a deadly maze protected by a group of guardsmen known as the Order of the Stone in an attempt to get hold of an item that can predict the future.
ORLA Brady has revealed she's relishing her role as a saucy sorceress in Sinbad.