SINCGARSingle Channel Ground-To-Air Radio
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You can find information on how to do the same NET ID RETRANS in the SINCGARS Technical Manual 11-5820-890-8; pages 4-31, TM dated December 1998.
This order is from a long-standing international customer who recognizes not only the robustness of the SINCGARS radio, but also the technological upgrades that have kept it on the cutting edge of battlefield communications," said Ken Harrison, the vice president and general manager of the Exelis Night Vision and Communications Solutions' international business area.
While the Sincgars provided a quantum leap in connectivity and security on the battlefield, it was primarily designed as a voice radio.
SINCGARS - Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
have for years been trying to sell the idea that its Sincgars combat radios could be modified to run the soldier radio waveform (SRW) so the Army would not have to replace them with more expensive JTRS systems.
SINCGARS cue, manual and net identification assignments
SINCGARS provides secure VHF voice and data communications capability to tactical units.
During these exercises ITT also demonstrated its Sidehat radio and Wearable Soldier Radio Terminal--the Sidehat (arrow) is a plug-in solution to the Sincgars radio that provides the single-channel radios with a second, JTRS-compliant channel.
The Radio Test Set is powered by a BA-5372/U battery which is currently in the military inventory and used with SINCGARS radios.
This "sidehat" radio, also priced at about $10,000 each, would bring data connectivity to the SINCGARS voice communications net.
This has been added to the SINCGARS radios, as well as to the British BOWMAN program, which is the first step in the UK's military digitizing effort.
Under the terms of the contract, ITT Aerospace/Communications, a division of ITT D&E, will produce and deliver more than 35,000 SINCGARS receiver/transmitters to the US military beginning in mid-1998.