SINCOSSine and Cosine
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Comparison of the characteristics of the sensors LIRDA237T ROD800 Type_ Absolute Incremental Resolution 5" 2" Accuracy 30" 2" Signal type SSI SINCOS
The SKS/SKM36 standalone encoder, from SICK (UK) Ltd, is the first member of a new generation of optical encoders within the company's SinCos product range.
introduced its SinCos SEK52 servomotor feedback systems with HIPERFACE interface.
New SinCos SRM 64 motor feedback systems feature Hiperface interface, operate in temperatures from -20[degrees] to +110[degrees]C and offer enhanced resistance to shock (100/10 g/ms) and vibration (20/10-2000 g/Hz).
The SKS 36 SinCos motor feedback system includes HIPERFACE interface and provides motor manufacturers with the ability to shorten the overall length of their motors.
Chemical analyses, in weight %, of sincosite from the Ross Hannibal mine and from the type locality at Sincos, Peru.
The new Sick/ Stegmann SinCos SRS 64 and SRM 64 shaft encoders with Hiperface interfaces for AC induction motors launched at the 2004 Drives and Controls exhibition provide both speed and absolute position control in one effective unit.