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SINCSShanghai International Nanotechnology Cooperation Symposium (biennial international conference)
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This is the reason why we need sinc terms on the right-hand side of the filter assumptions.
This, the boundedness of sinc, [[psi].sub.E], and [C.sub.B], and the error estimates for [member of] and b from Theorems 6.5 and 6.6 yield the second-order estimate
(A) [psi](z) = sinc (1/2z) [phi](z) = 1 (B) [psi](z) = sinc(z) [phi](z) = 1 (C) [psi](z) = sinc(1/2 z) [phi](z) [phi](z) = sinc(z) (D) [psi](z) = [sinc.sup.2](1/2z) [phi](z) from (8.3) below (E) [psi](z) = sinc (z) [phi](z) = 1 (F) [psi](z) = n(z)sinc(1/2z) [phi](z) = sinc(1/2z) (G) [psi](z) = n(z)sinc(1/2z) [phi](z) = sinc(1/2z) (H) [psi](z) = sinc(1/2z) [phi](z) = sinc(z) (I) [psi](z) = sinc(z) [phi](z) = sinc(1/2z), (A) [5] (B) [3] (C) [4] (D) [11] (E) [7] (F) (5.4) (G) (5.3) [17] (H) (I) where
In some cases, multiple silicon ion implantations are used to obtain a uniform depth profile of silicon excess and a uniform Sinc density [10].
The main CVD techniques used for Sinc fabrication are LPCVD and PECVD.
Again, the Sinc formation and size depend on the silicon excess inside the deposited films, as well as the time and the temperature of thermal annealing.
We will focus separately on the mechanisms related to Sinc core, to Sinc/Si[O.sub.2] interface, and to Si[O.sub.2] matrix.
Since the samples generated by the KM-method are inherently more accurate than those generated by the WSS-method, we denote by [[psi].sup.loc.sub.n] the approximate PSWF obtained by sinc interpolating the KM-samples [[psi].sup.KM](k) for k = -[T]-1 ....
Next, we applied Karoui and Moumni's extension of the Walter-Shen-Solesky "sampling method" in order to build accurate approximations of the PSWFs over [-T, T] by sinc interpolating the PSWF samples.
The Walter-Shen matrix A in (1) has entries [A.sub.kl] = (sinc (x - k), [Q.sub.T] sinc (x - g)}.
Since [absolute value of sinc (t)] [less than or equal to] 1 in any case, we have
'The SINC is unique and cannot be recreated elsewhere, and so it would not be possible to mitigate the effects of the change of use of the land.
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