SINDASingapore Indian Development Association
SINDASystems Improved Numerical Differencing Analyzer
SINDASouth Island Niva Drivers Association (New Zealand)
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Mis en scene par Sinda Amel Kessab, ce spectacle, qui pourrait s'inscrire dans le registre du drame et de la comedie, a ete interprete par dix comediens.
I played it off like a triumph--wherein Sinda was too cool for school--but looking back it just feels like weakness.
The materials prepared so far include MLE playschool booklets (Resources for Administrators and Resources for Teachers and Administrations), pre-school primers, and a Bau picture dictionary (Buk Bang Sinda Bigambar).
Bu surecte once Turkiye'nin AB'ye katilimina hazirlik asama sinda oncelikli alanlarini tespit eden bir katilim ortakligi belgesi hazirlanacaktir.
Torbas Sinda Delacey - Sinclaire, aged 42, of no fixed address, having a broken bottle neck in a public place without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, 14 weeks imprisonment.
Sue Sinda helps patients understand their illnesses and treat them before they turn into emergencies.
On the way back to Zambia, public awareness campaigns were conducted in Chipata, Sinda and Chongwe districts.
The truth is that my cat, Sinda, is yawning on top of my bunk bed.
National Endowments for the Humanities funding in the form of a summer fellowship allowed Sinda Gregory and Larry McCaffery to spend several months in Tokyo in 1992, during which this project began.
Iste bu nedenle, Selenge' nin Sana Sevdam Sari sinda tomurcuklanmaya baslayan ve Lale Yuregin Beyaz inda cicek acan derin dostluk arzusu, cekinik bir bakis acisi olan kadin bakis acisindan en temel evrensel arzu olarak kabul edilebilir.
32) Larry McCaffery and Sinda Gregory, Alive and Writing: Interviews with American Authors of the 1980s (Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1987), p.
In his interview with Larry McCaffery and Sinda Gregory, McGuane connected the significance of his Irish background to his fascination with "the figure of the outsider" in response to a question focusing on Patrick in Nobody's Angel:
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