SINDASingapore Indian Development Association
SINDASystems Improved Numerical Differencing Analyzer
SINDASouth Island Niva Drivers Association (New Zealand)
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Sinda and Bira joined the safari as part of a European breeding programme in 2010.
In Sinda, less than two hours from Khabarovsk, where Korotkov claimed to have interrogated our men, "five alleged Americans reportedly arrived in 1952.
HIV enfeksiyonunun bulas yoluna gore incelendiginde homoseksuel bulas oldugu dusunulen MSM hastalarin %37.6'sinda T.
Staff Sergeant Ronald Kirkby served with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps and was killed while attempting to disarm a bomb at Sinda, near Famagusta, on July 31, 1958.
Our strong partnership with the likes of SISEU and self-help groups like SINDA, MENDAKI and Eurasian Association, provides us a channel to enable equal and accessible quality higher education opportunities across life stages, that gives us the platform to build on our success as The Future Academy.
Eve Chebet nailed 13 points while Pam Sinda and Fridah Gumba each scored 8.
En sik iki benign tumor: 25 Warthin tumoru'nun 16 (/64)'sinda hiperintes iceren/hipointens baskin, 15 pleomorfik adenomun 13 (/87)'unde hiperintens baskin/hipointens iceren baskin T2 sinyali goruldu (Tablo 3).
Brillstein (Andrew Polk), Sinda (Maria Dizzia) and more.
The authors would like to thank Sinda Ben Achour and Imen Ben Achour Ouled Amor, who contributed in this research.
ex Nees circulation Gendarussa boil with water, cures cough and vulgaris Nees drink thrice a day stomachache roast partly, put in relief severe twinge chest and back in the body (sides & wrapped in a piece of back) or "sinda" (a cloth or "hampol" severe flatulence) and stomachache; cures cough & fever clean thoroughly, cut into pieces, and soak in lukewarm water (with Punas roots for cough & fever); drink thrice a day Asparagaceae (Agavaceae) Cordyline scrape inner portion, lowers fever fruticosa soak in lukewarm (L.) A.
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