SINDEXSabah Invention and Design Exhibiton (Malaysia)
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Interestingly, SINDEX, the combined indicator of market development used initially by Demirgue-Kunt and Kevine (1996) shows a constant improvement in the ratio from 1992-3 to 2001-2.
The application of the ARP model and the use of SINDEX to verify that such potential can be realized using a range of financial, social and environmental criteria is to be demonstrated for an actual project in Hong Kong.
where sindexes states, d indexes Census divisions, t indexes years, [[alpha].sub.s] is a set of state-fixed effects, [[beta].sub.d,t] is a set of division-year fixed effects, [X.sub.s,t] is a limited set of time-variant controls (the natural logarithm of gross state product per capita, and the unemployment rate), [Fee.sub.s,t] is the state's Medicaid physician fee index for primary care services, and [] is an index of the size of each state's CHIP expansion that is equal to the predicted share of the under-19 population enrolled in CHIP.
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