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SINEWSShip's Integrated Electronic Warfare System
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The special look is an involuntary flick up and down of their eyes which manages to convey "Does not compute, your sinews are not the sinews of a Paula Radcliffe".
MOVIES Blood and mud splatter the camera lens as swords clash and sinews ripple, at least one soldier losing a limb as those horse-drawn carriages scythe through Roman defences.
Remove the chain and sinews. Fillet is a very lean, rich cut.
As the rusty bone and sinews lock: My heel that tamps the errant sand To
Rather as King Henry urged his English troops before Agincourt, Walton certainly stiffens the sinews and summons up the blood.
There are a couple of crash-bang naval actions to stir the sinews, plus a climax which hurtles off the pages in such a blood-soaked kaleidoscope it is difficult to assimilate just what is happening.
"When discussing tax cooperation, this directive is the sinews of war," summed up one expert.
Burchell, who uses lengths of wire and welded steel to trace the muscles and sinews of her animal subjects, and Mileham, who works in bronze, offer sculptures, while Scorgie provides the show's contrast with her paintings.
The process involves the removal of sinews and connective tissue and surface pre-searing to lock in the natural juices and flavours.