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SINEWSShip's Integrated Electronic Warfare System
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When discussing tax cooperation, this directive is the sinews of war," summed up one expert.
Burchell, who uses lengths of wire and welded steel to trace the muscles and sinews of her animal subjects, and Mileham, who works in bronze, offer sculptures, while Scorgie provides the show's contrast with her paintings.
The process involves the removal of sinews and connective tissue and surface pre-searing to lock in the natural juices and flavours.
A better solution for serious smokers might be to actually stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood and show real will-power by giving up this absurd habit altogether.
The toy arm's sinews, made of wire, respond to the methanol because they're coated with a fine film of platinum nanoparticles.
Wearied by the long winter, he feels new strength move in his sinews, the lifting of gloom, the hope of spring returning.
Graphic sinews dovetail and fan back out, producing weirdly cosmic--and unforgivingly vulgar--passages in which concave forms are either rectums or black (or acid-orange) holes.
The form is there but the sinews in the arm and cords in the hand still have to be painted in to make it more lifelike, but it's coming along.