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Diante desta tendencia, a Superintendencia de Informatica (SINFO) da Universidade do Rio Grande do Norte optou pelo desenvolvimento de uma versao mobile de seu Sistema Integrado de Gestao de Atividades Academicas (SIGAA) e firmou parceria com o Laboratorio de Ergodesign de Interfaces e Experimentacao em Usabilidade (LEXUS / UFRN) para o projeto e redesign de interfaces.
With the aim of expanding solutions aimed at its systems and services users, SINFO has invested in the past few years in several upgrades on the technological infrastructure solutions, besides improvements in the systems and applications, investments that reach approximately R$ 18 million in the Institution annual budget (UFRN, 2015).
In this sense, it has become timely to investigate the intersections between the user experience and the brand experience offered by SINFO, in order to understand the organization essential aspects, experienced by its internal groups (employees) and external (academic community and partner institutions).
As of the internal and external diagnosis, strategies have been drawn for SINFO, based on the SWOT analysis and on the market trends (included in the introductory topic of this work):
Thus, it was used qualitative methods for this approach, through interviews with the users of the SINFO technological services, namely, the academic community (students, servers, etc.).
In a bar called Sinfo, he grabbed a half-litre beer jug and smashed it across the head of a local man.