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SINGLEStay Intoxicated Nightly, Get Laid Everyday (Jeff Foxworthy)
SINGLESexy, Independent, Naughty, Gorgeous, Loving Everyday
SINGLEStress Is Now Gone, Life's Easier
SINGLESometimes It's Not Good Loving Everyone
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The single design to strip one's self of all past beliefs is one that ought not to be taken by every one.
If a single member should attempt to usurp the supreme authority, he could not be supposed to have an equal authority and credit in all the confederate states.
And if we except the observations which New Jersey was led to make, rather by her local situation, than by her peculiar foresight, it may be questioned whether a single suggestion was of sufficient moment to justify a revision of the system.
Obviously the measurements of a single angle would no longer be sufficient under such portentous circumstances; one's whole life would be taken up in feeling or surveying the perimeter of one's acquaintances.
Finally all the hatred and maniacal loathing for these awful creatures who had placed me in this horrible place was centered by my tottering reason upon this single emissary who represented to me the entire horde of Warhoons.
A well constructed plot should, therefore, be single in its issue, rather than double as some maintain.
The eight oars fell at once into the sea, making but a single sound, giving but a single stroke, and the boat seemed to fly over the surface of the water.
A single man of large fortune; four or five thousand a year.
In all the devious tracings the course of a sailing-ship leaves upon the white paper of a chart she is always aiming for that one little spot - maybe a small island in the ocean, a single headland upon the long coast of a continent, a lighthouse on a bluff, or simply the peaked form of a mountain like an ant-heap afloat upon the waters.
Not a single female took part in this employment: and if the degree of consideration in which the ever-adorable sex is held by the men be--as the philosophers affirm--a just criterion of the degree of refinement among a people, then I may truly pronounce the Typees to be as polished a community as ever the sun shone upon.
and without saying a single word more to the governor, he threw himself back in his carriage, despair in his heart, and death on his countenance.
EAST CAPE--Fog--flash -single white with single bomb, 30 sec.