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SINHSine Hyperbolic (trigonometry)
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(D)[phi](R) [less than or equal to] [[alpha].sup.2] R and [psi](r) [greater than or equal to] [[alpha].sup.2] sinh [alpha] / sinh [alpha] - 2 sinh [alpha][gamma] cosh [alpha]/2 r.
However, it transpires that Goswami was asked to quit after he tried to prevent the arrest of Matang Sinh, an erstwhile minister in Narasimha Rao's PMO.
t = sinh A(t)[e.sub.1] + cosh A(t)sinh[[B.sub.0](t)[sigma] + [B.sub.1] (t)][e.sub.2] + cosh A(t )cosh[[B.sub.0] (t)[sigma] + [B.sub.1](t)][e.sub.3].
The editor and translator, Vinh Sinh, has previously translated the autobiography of Trinh's friend/enemy Phan Boi Chau.
(a - b)([a.sup.2] [partial derivative]G/[partial derivative]a - [b.sup.2][partial derivative]G/[partial derivative]b) = (pq)N(a - b)[square root of ab]/2 sinh pt sinh qt cosh pt cosh qt[[g.sub.p, q](t)], (15)
Capi's owner had called Bao Sinh Dog-Cat Resort, a one-stop shop with services rivalling anything on offer to humans.
According to sources, Sinh enjoyed CISF ' courtesy' in Delhi at least 50 times in one year.
Syria's Ambassador in Argentina Dr Riad Sinh noted during the symposium to the dangers of the conspiracy which is plotted by USA, France, Britain and western countries to undermine Syria's stability.
Digvijay Sinh, whose grandfather designed the facility as his family's summer residence.
First published in 1932, then appearing in revised editions up to 1956, Sarkar's history was reprinted again in 1988 by Raghubir Sinh, who supplied a foreword.