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SINICSeed-Innovation to Need-Impetus Cyclic Evolution (science/technology/society relationship theory)
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Other than working full-time as an artist, as well as co-founder of the biggest graffiti battle - Wall Lords, INVASIAN graffiti magazine and 1AGN sub culture guide book, SINIC is also an organizer/promoter for Asian urban street culture projects.
legitimate succession according to the Sinic ideal of male primogeniture
Another serious danger is posed by the Sinic Civilization, which if unchecked, might commandeer Middle Eastern oil by deception, coercion, or direct military force.
Just as a family can have only one father, so can stable, long-term order in a Confucian system really exist only under a single ruler, a Sage-king whose virtue-derived authority unifies the Sinic geographic core and causes even remote "barbarian tribes" to turn in tribute toward the Son of Heaven as iron filings toward a magnet.
SiNic Wireless offers hardware-enforced security to every SiNic-equipped mobile device.
That said, one can point to a host of situations where Muslim minorities or Muslim majorities have long been victims and are seeking self-determination or equality in the face of domination by Orthodox Christian, Hindu, and Sinic societies in particular, not to mention Palestine.
The facts that they had more in common with each other than either had with, say, the Sinic or Hindu civilizations and that they were adjacent to one another contributed enormously to the centuries of struggle.
Subs: Suker (Stanic 72nd minute), Vugrinec (Prosinecki 78 minutes), Biscan (Tomas 84th minute), Butina, Sinic, Kovac (N), Vlaovic.
Neither do they shed light on the secularity of the Hellenistic and Sinic civilizations, or of Europe before Charlemagne.
He also categorizes and describes the major contemporary civilizations that make up the post-Cold War world: Sinic (Chinese), Japanese, Hindu, Islam, Western, Latin American, and African (possibly).
The concept is based on OMRON's original SINIC (Seed-Innovation to Need-Impetus Cyclic Evolution) theory.
Beyond the Celestial Sinic Sphere: King Kojong and Korea's Pursuit of Modemization.