SINQSwiss Spallation Neutron Source
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Here at PSI, with SINQ and the other large research facilities, we have unique sources for harvesting rare radioactive isotopes, Schumann says.
[[K.sub.II]/[[delta].sub.x]] = S {(cosQ + 2[epsilon]sinQ) + (sinQ - 2[epsilon]cosQ)[[[delta].sub.y]/[[delta].sub.x]}, (9)
Both the student surveys and my interviews with upper-division students affirm what we had long suspected: there is enormous inconsistency in the amount and kinds of writing instruction that students receive in their FRINQ and SINQ courses.
Data reduction software modules in DAVE Facility Instruments NIST Center for Neutron Research Disk Chopper Spectrometer (DCS) (NCNR) Filter Analyzer Neutron Spectrometer (FANS) High Flux Backscattering Spectrometer (HFBS) Neutron Spin Echo Spectrometer (NSE) 4 Triple-Axis Spectrometers (TAS) Swiss Spallation Neutron Source FOCUS Time-of-Flight Spectrometer (SINQ) at the Paul Scherrer (24) Institut (PSI) MARS Backscattering Spectrometer (23) ISIS Pulsed Neutron Source at OSIRIS McStas Simulated Data Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Reduction (25), (26) Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) Disk Chopper Time-of-Flight Spectrometer (IN5) C.
The authors thank SINQ (PSI, Villigen, Switzerland) and NPL (CANAM, NPI Rez, Czech Republic) for providing beamtime and support for ND measurements.
An experiment aiming at the simultaneous determination of both transversal polarization components of electrons emitted in the decay of free neutrons begins data taking using the polarized cold neutron beam (FUNSPIN) from the Swiss Neutron Spallation Source (SINQ) at the Paul-Scherrer Institute, Villigen.
Furthermore the order includes the installation and alignment of the neutron guides at PSI Villigen site in the neutron guide bunker at SINQ.
At SINQ we have recently measured the critical velocity of DLC and found it to be (7.0 X 0.3) m/s, similar to Beryllium.
In addition, the order includes the installation and alignment of the on-site guides in the SINQ casemate at PSI Villigen.
A test measurement has been carried at the SINQ source at PSI with the aim to observe eventual modifications of the optical properties of the scintillators under large neutron doses.
A further component of the tender is the installation and adjustment of the neutron conductor system at PSI West in the neutron conductor bunker of the SINQ sputter source.