SINTUSicherheit Im Naturwissenschaftlich Technischen Unterricht (German: Technical Instruction for Safety in the Natual Sciences)
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Otra ilustracion la ofrecen Luz Myriam Gutierrez y Manuel Alberto Torres, en Sei-Nake Haba Sintu (Tierra Negra Madre Universal).
Neighbours took Sintu to a hospital, where he succumbed to 90 per cent burns.
A senior police officer said Sintu was mentally challenged and set the house on fire himself.
I am sure he is my lost child Sintu. It is a miracle and a ray of hope."
Bhim Singh, Sintu's uncle, said: "We've seen a picture of Gurrinder and the whole family has identified him.
Ganga Prasad and Bindia Devi said Sintu was abducted from their home town of Aurangabad in the north-eastern Indian state of Bihar in 2005.
KIDNAPPED An Indian couple claimed yesterday that the nine-year-old boy abandoned in Britain, Gurrinder Singh, is their kidnapped son Sintu, after photographs of the child were broadcast on Indian TV.
Tenders are invited for Raptinagar Phase 04 Me Vishnu Provijan Sintu Singh V Manoj Srivastav Tak Pitch Road
P(ompeius) C P(aulinianus) ILTG, 22 Tauricus Taurini P CIL XII, 5381 Ombecco ILTG, 21 Amarad[...] ILTG, 23 Natalis Martialis; P Sintus of (f)icinator(es) CIL XIII, 401 ILTG, 130 AQUITANOS: Dioses indigenas CIL XIII, 29 * Elia Mart[ ] CIL XIII, 30 Derro Borroconis P CIL XIII, 39 Sabinus Barhosis P CIL XIII, 40 Titulla Homuli f P CIL XIII, 77 Quintus [ ] CIL XIII, 148 Sex.