SINYSteel Institute of New York
SINYStaten Island New York
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Siny, 35, is a doctoral student at Potsdam University by day and a popular techno DJ by night.
Siny was having a few drinks with his girlfriend and ended up playing a spontaneous set.
Siny was engaged in a heated discussion with radical German anti-Israel activists.
It was clear as well that Siny was different from other Israelis that Khani had met--most of whom, he says, are suspicious and assume he must be an anti-Semite.
"We decided we don't want any kind of brochures or political talk in our party, just good music and good vibes," Siny said.
After recovering from their first party, Siny and Khani sat down to plan a joint trip to Israel --and another party.
Siny said Khani told him of his most vivid childhood memory--hiding from Iraqi bombers strafing Iran during the eight-year war between the countries.