SINYASyndicat d'Initiative de Nyangezi (French: Union Intiative of Nyangezi; Congo)
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Major local PC vendors, such as Asus and Acer, and distributors, including Tsann Kuen 3C, NOVA, Sinya Digital, PChome Online and Yahoo Kimo Shopping, in Taiwan have all positively responded to Intel's determination to revive the market, and collectively cut prices mainly on notebook PCs adopting Intel's Core i series processors, which are mainstream in the market at present.
The British manufacturer will continue to supply continental Europe while the Russian brewer will supply just Russia, said Sinya Izumi, Tokyo-based Kirin spokesman.
Omar Zimmo, said his department first conducted a study to assess the environmental conditions in the Palestinian territories, characterized the problems, and prepared an action plan that led to the creation of the wastewater treatment plant in the village of Ein Sinya, Ramallah district.
He said the plant location was chosen in a remote village and not on the campus in order to "widen the scope of this project and involve as many civil society organizations, mainly local village councils." Wastewater downstream flowing from a number of surrounding villages in the Ramallah district down to Ein Sinya makes this village the most convenient for the plant.
Under Ya'akov's leadership, the three-family clan leased from an Arab landlord a farmstead in the small Arab village of Ein Sinya, nestling in the hills between Ramallah and Nablus.
Many years later, Sharett recalled in his diary: While in Ein Sinya, I met one of the greatest teachers of life I have ever had.
But it was not Arabic alone that the young Sharett absorbed during those two idyllic years in Ein Sinya. He gained there a firsthand familiarity with the spirit of Arab rural society.
There are many specimens of andradite and green quartz from Sinya Rechka for sale; some of the quartz is outstanding, and has sometimes been labeled as coming from Dal'negorsk.
* Ayn Sinya well near Jifna in Ramallah district, dug by the Jerusalem Water Undertaking (JWU) in cooperation with GTZ in 1994, but it has failed to produce water.
* Another well was constructed by Jerusalem Water Undertaking in cooperation with GTZ in 1994 at Ayn Sinya of Ramallah district but it has also failed to pump water.
These gentlemen offered up great supplies of underpriced, unlabeled Dalnegorsk things - fluorite, calcite, axinite, pyrrhotite, datolite, galena - as well as green "prase" quartz and nice dark brown garnets from Sinya Rechka, the skarn locality to the north.
In Ramallah, Israeli forces arrested Palestinian, Alaa Samaha, while passing through a temporary military checkpoint set close by 'Ein Sinya, a village north of Ramallah, In Salfit, Israeli forces raided houses and agricultural land in Wadi Qana, an area west of Deir Estia near Salfit in the northern West Bank, and carried out an extensive combing operation.