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SIO2Silicon Dioxide
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Silicon reactive sputtering was selected for the experiments, where SiO2 coating was applied onto polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film.
Table 1 shows textural properties of CuCl-SiO2, CuCl-AC, SiO2 and AC.
* The major chemical compounds present in waste paper sludge (WPS) and developed waste paper sludge (DWPS) samples were SiO2, Al2O3, CaO and Fe2O3.
-- 9m @ 32.2% avail Al2O3 (43.0% total), 2.1% SiO2 (reactive) from 2.5m
Trace elements exhibit a systematic relationship with Al2O3 and its concentration increase as grain size and SiO2 content decreases.
E3.4 (8 mg) was purified by column chromatography (250 mg SiO2, 70-230 mesh; cyclohexane:aceton 95 : 5) to give compound 1 (1.2 mg; Rf 0.24).
has received a patent for a heat-resistant paint containing silicone resin and/or epoxy resin as well as black pigment, wherein the black pigment contains manganese and copper; the content of manganese in the black pigment is 25-45% mass by MnO conversion; the content of copper in the black pigment is 5-25% mass by CuO conversion; and the content of silicon in the black pigment is 3% mass or less by SiO2 conversion, wherein the black pigment further contains aluminum, and the aluminum content in the black pigment is 5-10% mass by AI203 conversion.
The topics include the ferromagnetic resonance frequency of single-layer magnetic metal films with lattice distortions, the nano-platelet structure of clay materials observed by atomic force microscope, a prototype of a frame-type cantilever for biosensor and femtogram detection, designing and fabricating a novel photonic crystal waveguide consisting of SiO2 layers implanted with silicon ions, a novel thermoelectric system with conductive metal rods and its effective Seebeck coefficients, and the architecture of a wideband high-efficiency envelope tracking power amplifier for a base station.
The nitrided-oxide front window of the AXUV 100GX diode provides up to a Gigarad (SiO2) of radiation hardness which is 10,000 times greater than standard PIN silicon photodiodes.
Some examples of specific topics include measurements of strain in ceramic components using magnetostrictive delay line, magnetomechanical properties of terfenol-D composites, shape memory assemblies using ultrasonic welding, formation of metal silicide nanodots on ultrathin SiO2 for floating gate application, structure and shape memory effect in annealed Ni-Ti-Co strip produced by twin roll casting technique, differential magnetoelastic compressive force sensor utilizing two amorphous alloy ring cores, elastomers containing fillers with magnetic properties, texture analysis of hot rolled Ni-Mn-Ga alloys, and magnetic field analysis for magnetron sputtering apparatus for accurate composition control.
Nueve muestras fueron seleccionadas despues de realizar un filtrado de la informacion, en donde las muestras AMD-06, AMD-09 y AMD-10 fueron descartadas debido a su altisimo porcentaje de SiO2; con lo anterior fueron normalizados los datos a un 100 % (100/(Sum de oxidos) libre de agua y se recalcularon los valores de FeO total.
With the deepening of studies on nanoparticle properties, people have found that a lot of inorganic nanometer oxides, such as SiO2, TiO2 and ZnO, etc., demonstrate the optical properties completely different from those of bulk phase materials [1-3].