SIOFASindicato Independente dos Operacionais Ferroviários e Afins (Portuguese: Independent Union Of Operating and Related Rail)
SIOFASouthern Indian Ocean Fisheries Arrangement
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As SIOFA continues to develop related conservation management measures for fish species, the organization does not rule out including oilfish caught by Taiwan's longline fishing vessels in the Indian Ocean in future, the Fisheries Agency said.
SIOFA currently monitors such major fish species as the Pelagic armourhead, Patagonian toothfish, Oreos, Orange roughy, Dogfish, Bluenose Warehou, and Alfonsino, the agency said.
Guiding principles for the SIOFA are that stocks should be rebuilt and maintained at levels capable of producing maximum sustainable yield, and that the marine environment must also be protected.
For Jean-Francois Pulvenis de Seligny, Director within the FAO's Fishery Policy and Planning Division, the SIOFA will, when implemented, represent "a major step forward in the process of establishing new regional fisheries management organisations or arrangements to cover areas of the high seas where no such organisation or arrangement currently exists".
SIOFA is a multilateral treaty for the conservation and management of Southern Indian Ocean fisheries to ensure they remain a sustainable, shared resource into the future.