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SIOSStatus Indication Out of Service (SS7)
SIOSSociety for Indian Ocean Studies (est. 1987)
SIOSServizio Informazioni Operativo e Situazione (Italian defense secret service; one for each Italian military service)
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Then she went to Sio to straighten out things there."
The total number of retail SIOs reached 39.9 million as at the end of last year; 24.3 million of these were mobile handsets, 8.4 million were wireless broadband and 7.2 million were fixed-line/wired broadband.
He said malkhana and lock-up of each police station would be the responsibility of the SIOs, who would also be responsible for the custody of all inmates.
Besides, the SIO the investigations head at each police station would be empowered and provided with the necessary resources, such as adequate manpower, computers, printers and photocopy machines, to effectively carry out investigations.
He said every SIO would have two mobile vans and two motorbikes, besides other facilities, at his disposal.
Immedion performed the initial gear configuration for the new SIOS office at the M.
SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition is the first high availability and disaster recovery solution to combine fully automated, application-centric clustering and efficient data replication.
SIOS iQ leverages the power of machine learning analytics to help companies by transforming enormous volumes of data about virtual infrastructures into easily understood, actionable recommendations -- a winning approach for enterprises.
Using SIOS SANLess clustering software, Epicure IT staff created a two-node cluster in an active-passive failover configuration that enables each SQL instance to failover independently.
An aite bhith gan sgioblachadh fhein, tha aire Cal Mac air farpais airson sheirbheisean a tha iad mar-tha a' ruith, agus a' ruith sios.
SIOS' SteelEye DataKeeper utilizes block-level replication for highly efficient and optimized performance.
Sio autoriaus teiginio kvintesencine svarba viso veikalo esmei patvirtina knygoje atspausdinti pagyrimo ir padekos zodziai, kuriuos pareiske Sevilijos universiteto profesorius J.