SIOUService d'Information et d'Orientation Universitaire (French: Information Services and University Orientation; various universities)
SIOUSurface Impoundments Operable Unit (US Department of Energy)
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During the shutdown, mining costs of approximately USD22m for Siou and Wona will be capitalised in development and there will be a non-recurring charge of approximately USD7m mostly representing fixed costs for the period.
P.-Cambridge) nr Ceratinopsis nigriceps 1 0 Emerton nr Coloncus siou Chamberlin Erigone autumnalis Emerton 239 2 Grammonota texana (Banks) 13 24 Idionella sclerata (Ivie & Barrows) nr Idionella sclerata (Ivie & Barrows) Masoncus conspectus (Gertsch & Davis) nr Masoncus Meioneta micaria (Emerton) 2 0 Meioneta sp.
"Micro-work's unique value proposition is that it can be performed anywhere at any time across geographical boundaries, using commonly available computers and Internet connections," said Siou Chew Kuek, ICT Policy Specialist at the World Bank.
History may well will record the projection of new Egypt began in this paradisiacal place amid the bougainvillea and the lush palms that rise majestically all around - in Koti and Siou, the fascinating Nubian villages.
(15.) Abbot EL, Smith WD, Siou GP, Chiriboga C, Smith RJ, Wilson JA, et al.
NSBN LLP announced that the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners awarded partner Jenifer Siou, CPA, CFE, and manager Eric Smetana, CPA, CFE the globally preferred certified fraud examiner designation ...
Indeed, the House of Skulls or the siou di mohoing is the highlight of a tour of the Village.
These include the following members of the Linyphiidae: Centromerus furcatus (Emerton) female, Cheniseo sphagnicultor Bishop & Crosby female, Coloncus siou Chamberlin male, Dismodicus alticeps Chamberlin & Ivie female, Floricomus praedesignatus (Bishop & Crosby) female, Glyphesis idahoanus (Chamberlin) male, Gnathonaroides pedalis (Emerton) female, Lepthyphantes intricatus (Emerton) female, Scyletria inflata Bishop & Crosby female, Sisicus penifusifer Bishop & Crosby female, Walckenaeria clavipalpis Millidge male; and two members of the Theridiidae: Thymoites minnesota Levi female and Robertus crosbyi (Kaston) male.
Bridgend are without injured wing Simon Hill, but have made 12 new signings, including Tongan Siou Taumalolo from Ebbw Vale and new half-backs Craig Warlow and skipper Huw Harries.
The KCA organized his anointing in March 1984 as Huguan Siou - an old title for a supernaturally powerful warrior, rediscovered by Kadazan nationalists in the 1960s to mean "great leader" or even "paramount chief'(34), and only previously conferred on Donald Stephens, in 1964.(35) Ceremonies in various places to have the bobohizan pray over the Huguan Siou to strengthen him had some effect in uniting KDs in more remote areas behind the urban leadership.
(3) For further definitions and analyses of NETS, see Chia Siou Yue and Lee Tsao Yuan, "Subregional Economic Zones: A New Motive Force in Asia-Pacific Development," in Pacific Dynamism and the International Economic System, ed.
In addition, development of Siou underground is progressing according to plan.