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SIOUXSimple Input/Output User Exchange
SIOUXStandard Input Output User eXchange
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They then perceived that the train was attacked by a band of Sioux.
The Sioux were armed with guns, from which came the reports, to which the passengers, who were almost all armed, responded by revolver-shots.
A Sioux chief, wishing to stop the train, but not knowing how to work the regulator, had opened wide instead of closing the steam-valve, and the locomotive was plunging forward with terrific velocity.
The soldiers of the fort, attracted by the shots, hurried up; the Sioux had not expected them, and decamped in a body before the train entirely stopped.
I'll warrant ye, had your thievish devils made their push by the light of the sun, the good woman would have been smartly at work among them, and the Siouxes would have found she was not given to part with her cheese and her butter without a price.
has acquired Iowa-based brick manufacturer Sioux City Brick, the company said.
A division of Australian-owned company, Brickworks Limited (ASX:BKW), Brickworks North America Corporation (Brickworks NA), the parent of Glen-Gery Corporation, acquired a brick manufacturer, Sioux City Brick for an undisclosed amount.
Griffin is the past chair of the Sioux Falls Airport Authority, Junior Achievement of South Dakota, the Sioux Falls Development Foundation, the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce and Forward Sioux Falls.
With residential home sales in Sioux Falls, SD growing year over year, it looks like and its Lending Partners have a competitive advantage in the local market.
Sweetman also owns a rail line and a rail transloading service that provide material delivery to augment its business in the growing Sioux Falls market.
The company also owns a rail line and transloading service augmenting the Sioux Falls plants.
Lehigh Valley Business: How long has Sioux Services/Environmental LLC been operating in the Greater Reading/Greater Lehigh Valley and what are its primary services?