SIPAASouthwest Idaho Performance Arts Association (Star, ID)
SIPAASupport to the International Partnership against AIDS in Africa
SIPAAStudent Internship Program Alumni Association (NASA GSFC)
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A tew o timmer sakee ngaak Te diaree guekele no mbiine A rimeel rmeer o kiine Diare sipaa ngaak no maakh [Une femme qui ne peut pas feconder ne merite pas d'etre garder a la maison.
* Different technical support partners--The World Bank, SIPAA, UNAIDS, USG and other consultants--all worked together in a spirit of partnership without concern about 'turf' issues: they shared lessons, strategies and experiences.
VI certamen Bienal en Ciencia y Tecnologia SIPAA. Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados, San Jose.