SIPACSports Injury Prevention and Care
SIPACSuzhou Industrial Park Administration Committee (China and Singapore)
SIPACState Infrastructure Protection Advisory Committee (Texas)
SIPACSecurity, Infrastructure Protection And Counterterrorism
SIPACSouthern Indiana Purdue Agriculture Center
SIPACKorea System Integration and Intellectual Property Authoring Centre (est. 2004)
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The area of Suzhou, close to Shanghai, was designated as a medtech development area and promoted by Suzhou Industrial Park Admin Committee SIPAC. In March 2018, Barco opened a small office in the area, and 1 year later officially opens a brand-new healthcare hub.
Naval St., Sipac Almacen, Navotas City Navotas City Metro Manila, NCR, Philippines
The Navotas City government said it evacuated 210 people from Barangays Tangos, San Roque, Daanghari, San Jose, Sipac, Navotas West and Bangkulasi.
Enterprise Singapore, Agency for Science, Technology and Research (ASTAR) and Suzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee (SIPAC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) today to cooperate in entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialisation.
Under the MOU, Enterprise Singapore will collaborate with SIPAC to set up a Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) 1 node in BLOCK71@Suzhou.
The current SIPAC system used for the payment of CA benefits must be replaced, as its expansion is only possible in a limited way, many requirements are not implemented and some of the objectives of the CA AC can no longer be achieved with the current solution.
The purpose of this invitation to tender is to find a tenderer who can implement and implement the new SIPAC application and ensure its maintenance and support.
O Sistema de Informacao da Atencao Basica (SIAB) foi implantado em substituicao ao Sistema de Informacao do Programa de Agentes Comunitarios de Saude (SIPACS), pela, entao, Coordenacao da Saude da Comunidade/Secretaria de Assistencia a Saude, hoje, Departamento de Atencao Basica/Secretaria de Atencao a Saude [16].