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SIPAMSistema de Proteção da Amazônia (Portugese: Amazon Protection System; Brazil)
SIPAMInformation System for the Promotion of Aquaculture
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O SIVAM dentro de uma acao mais abrangente de protecao da Amazonia (SIPAM) constitui uma resposta ao monitoramento do espaco aereo regional e de apoio logistico de planejamento dos governos locais.
Meanwhile, in Mexico City organizations such as SIPAM, GIRE (Information Group on Reproductive Choice), MEX-FAM (Mexican Foundation for Family Planning) and Catholics for Free Choice are working to win public support for legalizing or widening the legal grounds for abortion.
This recognition, whose candidacy has been supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food , has been approved by the Scientific Advisory Group of the SIPAM (SAG, by its English acronym), which has congratulated all the authorities involved for the efforts carried out to achieve this recognition, whose objective is to ensure the effective implementation of the actions indicated in the conservation plan for the maintenance of millenary olive systems for future generations, as well as the sustainable development of local agricultural communities.
The subject of the order is the design, construction, installation, launch and implementation of the Maritime Spatial Information System (SIPAM) software, enabling the collection of spatial and descriptive data in the broad sense, their searching, processing, viewing, downloading, analyzing and launching spatial data services provided by electronic.
Para apoiar o trabalho, na coleta das amostras para analise dos indices de vegetacao, foram utilizados os mapas e cartas: (i) Cartas da Cobertura Vegetal do Bioma Amazonico/PROBIO,--Escala 1:250.000 (2006); (ii) Base cartografica integrada digital do Brasil ao milionesimo do IBGE,--Escala 1:1.000.000 (2004); (iii) Base cartografica do SIPAM --Escala 1: 250.000 (2004).
Junto con tres asociaciones civiles (Semillas, Sipam y Afluentes), el Inmujeres de la ciudad diseno un plan de sostenimiento del proyecto.
The undersecretary of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment, Jaime Haddad, has participated today in the International Forum of Important Systems of the World Agricultural Heritage (GIAHS) of the United Nations Organization for Agriculture and Food (FAO), which has celebrated in Rome, where he has expressed his satisfaction with the recognition of SIPAM to two Spanish regions in 2017, such as the "Production of the Raisins of the Axarqua Region" in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and the "Production of salt" of the Valle Salado de Anana "in the province of lava, belonging to the Basque Country.
A Amazonia, icone das reivindicacoes internacionais pela preservacao da biodiversidade e locus de historicos conflitos socio-ambientais, possui tambem importantes programas de monitoramento ambiental estruturados com geotecnologias, como o Sistema de Protecao da Amazonia (SIPAM), o Programa de monitoramento da floresta amazonica brasileira por Satelite (PRODES) e o Sistema de Deteccao do Desmatamento em Tempo Real (DETER).
The next Itinerant University courses will be offered November 13-22, 2006, in Mexico City at the Facultad de Humanidades of the UNAM, with the collaboration of SIPAM, Salud y Genero (Health and Gender), A.C., and Equidad de Genero: Ciudadania, Trabajo y Familia (Gender Equity: Citizenship, Work and Family), A.C.
La abuela, desesperada, busca una organizacion no gubernamental, Salud Integral para la Mujer (Sipam), para que la ayude en los estudios de su nieta: "No podia verla llorar, me suplicaba que la dejara ir a la escuela y no sabia a quien recurrir".