SIPARStudies in Personality and Religion (University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)
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The non-profit organisation is committed to continuing the enhancement of the library network and educational services in 23 prisons and four correctional centres across the country, Sipar director Hok Sothik said during the signing ceremony marking the start of the three-year phase at the Ministry of Interior.
He said a budget of $530,000 from the French Development Agency, Pierre Bellon Foundation and Sipar's own funds will be used to finance the third phase.
Aspectos regionales: En la Hoja Kamuk (1:50 000, IGN), las lavas y piroclastos se manifiestan en afloramientos importantes; el cerro Sipar se interpreta como un domo volcanico y en el poblado de Olan afloran piroclastos tipo ignimbritas, color gris claro y tobas gris moradas, inconsolidadas, las cuales han provocado deslizamientos de suelo importantes, ligeramente al norte del poblado de Olan.
Rosa 540700 358100 Entre rio Ceibo y Kuiye 537600 353700 Ujarras 540300 354700 Ujarras 544520 356000 Camino a Reserva Durika 535300 356500 Sabanas Santa Maria 537600 353700 Ujarras 538510 358350 Sabana Ditsiri Suk 533380 357360 Sabanas Santa Maria 540950 356665 "Cola de Dragon", bloque (tajo) (**) 530340 355850 Llano Bonito 540950 356665 "Cola de Dragon" (tajo) (**) 529650 355580 Llano Bonito 540130 359640 Sabanas Oka 532930 355480 Cerro Santa Maria 539773 362953 Rio Ceibo 539773 362953 Rio Ceibo 539490 351950 Sabanas Sipar 524599 361225 Fila Toril 540900 352800 Fila Salitre 539773 362953 Rio Ceibo 523472 360721 Quebr.
Voz bribri que significa 'rio del bejuco' (de sipar 'cierta clase de bejuco' y di' 'agua').
Sipar director Hok Sothik said at the launch: 'The books are about the true stories of four disabled children.
He said in understanding disability, Sipar's message is 'with or without disabilities, all children have the same right to education'.
("Sipar"), 15.93% owner of Domco entered in to a lock up agreement to tender its interest to Tarkett's offer.
De la raiz sipar' 'hoja de la planta que sirve para envolver muertos'.
The Transport and Education ministries, French NGO Sipar and Total Cambodge launched the second safe driving campaign in Phnom Penh on Monday, following a report showing traffic accidents as the leading cause of deaths in the Kingdom.
Abengoa, the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the energy and environment sectors, has been selected by Gerdau (Sipar Aceros S.A.) for a new power transmission project in central Argentina that will supply electricity to a new steel plant.
Hok Sothi, director of Sipar, an independent publishing institution focused on a number of educational documents and books, said his organisation has worked closely with the Ministry of Education to collect and publish educational books for students.