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SIPBStudent Information Processing Board (MIT)
SIPBStudent Information Processing Board
SIPBShore Installation Planning Board (US Navy)
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Robert French, of the MIT SIPB and Project Athena, took one such call on Thursday, November 10, and informed the reporter that no such outbreak had occurred.
The SIPB 71525 and SIPB 7110 feature two Siemens components for S- and U-interfaces.
The SIPB 71525 board features the PSB21525 (HSCX-TE), which supports B-channel access over two HDLC controllers.
The SIPB 7110 incorporates the PSB7110 (ISAR), which supports three HDLC controllers for two B and D channel access, as well as fax and modem emulation.
Since 2011, the SIPB had given approvals for more than Rs.