SIPDShell Iraq Petroleum Development
SIPDSilicon Photodiode
SIPDSurat Izin Penambangan Daerah (Indonesian: Mining Permit Region)
SIPDSichuan Institute of Parasitic Disease (China)
SIPDSelective Ion Pump Detection
SIPDSession Initiation Protocol Daemon
SIPDStandard Intermittent Peritoneal Dialysis
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The three-year contract covered the implementation of the system on SIPD's new and existing flowlines in Iraq's Majnoon Oil Field.
CBF = 6000 x [lambda] x (SI control - SI label) x [e.sup.TI/T1a]/ 2 x [alpha] x TIa x SIPD [ml/100 g/min], (21)
(13) Franklin Andrade, "Ideal personal y alto rendimiento deportivo" (ponencia presentada en el "1er Encuentro Online de Psicologia del Deporte", SIPD, 2009), 34.
ALLiGACOM will bring its best-of-breed functionality to the EDI module developed by SIPD and, incorporating EDI to Acumatica's production, warehousing, shipping and inventory modules.
The holders of KP and SIPD (Regional Mining Permit) which are given only to Indonesian private companies, could cooperate with foreign investors.
The PNS is part of the IBGE's Integrated Home Survey System (SIPD), and uses the Master Sample of that System, which has greater geographical spread and higher precision of estimates.
SIPD is needed for the mining of C category of mineral.
The PSN is a nationwide search and home-based, carried out through a partnership of the Ministry of Health and the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and is part of the Integrated Household Surveys (SIPD) IBGE and therefore uses a subsample Sample Master of this system, with the same stratification of primary sampling units (PSU), consisting of one or more census tracts (6).
The PNS sample was a sub-sample of the master sample of the Integrated Household Survey System (SIPD) of the IBGE (16).
On the other hand, since the PNS sample was made by selecting census sectors from the Master Sample designated by the Integrated System of Household Research of the IBGE (SIPD), it is possible that adjustments and corrective factors that are still being developed by the IBGE will, once applied, produce different results than those presented here.
The primary sampling units of the PNS were obtained from the Master Sample, which is the sampling structure of the IBGE's Integrated Household Surveys System (SIPD).