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SIPESchools Insurance Program for Employees
SIPESuperimposed Preeclampsia (pregnancy condition)
SIPESoldier Integrated Protective Ensemble
SIPEServicios Integrados para el Empleo (Spanish: Integrated Services Program for Employment)
SIPEScientific Instrument Protective Enclosure
SIPEScientific Instrument Protection Enclosure
SIPEStrategic Intelligence Processing Element
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Sipe became a major voice in the media narrative that gained momentum a decade later with The Boston Globe series, and continuing coverage that stained the papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, and finds Pope Francis confronting a Chilean hierarchy honeycombed in deceit and a Vatican tradition of soft-glove treatment of predatory bishops, like the latest specimen, Theodore McCarrick.
Sipe, who has more than two decades of experience in SBA and commercial lending, has previously served in roles as director of government and guaranteed lending, and senior SBA business development officer.
Sipe staffs the program with district employees and with her high school students, who undergo state-provided child care training.
“We are tired of seeing everyone looking down at their phones and disconnecting from the people around them,” says Lisa Sipe, “we really want to use technology to bring people together.
Joan Dreskin, INGAA general counsel, responds that pipelines are aware of Sipe's proposal, but haven't piped up because Sipe has advanced a concept, not a detailed proposal.
"I agree we need to build more pipelines, but that appears to be the sole focus of the industry," explains Sipe. He believes the apparent lack of enthusiasm for considering expanding an online trading platform to coordinate and perhaps automate the nomination and confirmation process in real time trading, has to do with some uncertainty as to whether the FERC could mandate such a trading platform.
There are other problems with barring priests from marriage, Sipe said.
As a mental health nurse and counsellor myself, I would like to have heard Sipe develop this theme, along with the broader themes of sexuality and celibacy.
However, Saudi Electricity utilized its high voltage assaults under the command of Sipe and Lopez to keep the game touch-and-go.
The power of stories in the lives of children has been well-documented (Coles, 1990; Paley, 1998; Sipe, 2002).
Richard Sipe, a former priest and recognized expert on the mental health and sexuality of the clergy, had other misgivings about the methodology.
Abraham Sipe told Reuters in response to an e-mail, adding counts of militants killed of captured would not be provided.