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SIPESchools Insurance Program for Employees
SIPESoldier Integrated Protective Ensemble
SIPEServicios Integrados para el Empleo (Spanish: Integrated Services Program for Employment)
SIPEScientific Instrument Protective Enclosure
SIPEScientific Instrument Protection Enclosure
SIPEStrategic Intelligence Processing Element
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If it does, long-term solvency is sacrificed for a short-term profit that cannot cover risk costs," Sipe cautioned.
Survivors include two sons, James and John, both of Eugene; two daughters, Ann Swanger of Eugene and Rebecca Sipe of Woodinville, Wash.
From their very different perspectives, McCarrick and Sipe share one belief: Change is coming.
Consistent with other research reports, grandfathers are likely to be faced with financial worries, social isolation (Burton, 1992; Kelley, 1993), poor health (Bullock, 2004b; Whitley, Kelley, & Sipe, 2001), and stress associated with role restriction (Burnette, 1999b).
Rather than getting worse, Sipe believes, a patient taking the drug might be able to stave off the worst ravages of the disease.
The burden, Sipe and Royal said, became more significant under regulations arising from financial regulatory reform.
He really has done a good job of identifying what we're doing in tournaments and working on that," Sipe said.
Richard Sipe and Patrick Wall have coauthored a book, Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes: The Catholic Church's 2,000-Year Paper Trail of Sexual Abuse, that asks, "What did [the Catholic hierarchy] know, and when did they know it?
WELL PAST THE AGE WHEN most have already retired, Ed and Wanda Sipe are still expanding their Little Scholars Learning Center on Stanton Road.
Rebecca Bowers Sipe, author of the book They Still Can't Spell?
He's to be succeeded by George Sipe, currently VP of engineering.
The inner portion of the tread has a higher sipe density to further improve traction in both the rain and snow.