SIPEXSatellite Internet Packet Exchange
SIPEXSea Ice Physics and Ecosystem Experiment (Antarctic expedition)
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In February 2013, Sipex found oil and gas in that basin.
Sipex and Statoil are partners in two offshore E&P blocks in Egypt.
Como forma de complementar estes dados e apreender os indicadores da FCM como um todo, analisamos parcialmente outra base de dados, o SIPEX, Sistema de Informacao de Pesquisa e Extensao, que e o responsavel pelo fornecimento de dados quantitativos para subsidiar a gestao destas areas na Unicamp.
SIPEX formed part of a larger IPY project titled 'Antarctic Sea Ice in the IPY' which drew together research programs across many countries, including the United States-led Sea Ice Mass Balance in the Antarctic (SIMBA) program.
NOC announced on 13/4/2009 that SIPEX Libyan Branch being the Aasecond party with NOC in an EPSA agreement, reports that it has drilled A1-65/02 New Field Wildcat well in Ghadames Basin to a total of 9,033 ft.
Product briefs and additional information on the SP8053 and other Sipex product offerings may be found on the company web site at
The data sheet and additional information on the SP7651 and other Sipex product offerings may be found on the company web site at
After all, you want to look cool for your photos on your Sipex digital camera (10) - pounds 50 from Jessops (0800- 652 6400) - doncha?
Ratifying the new PDK, mutual Cadence-PolarFab customer Sipex spoke out about its satisfaction with the foundry kit.
Sipex Corporation's (Nasdaq: SIPX), Billerica, Mass., SP508, Multi-protocol Transceiver has been selected from among hundreds of candidates as a finalist in the EDN 2000 Innovation of the Year Awards Competition.
The US analogue semiconductor manufacturer Sipex Corp has made available its new SP2526 integrated circuit - a +3.0V to +5.5V USB dual power control switch.
Sonatrach/Indian/NOC JVs: Algeria's Sonatrach, locally named Sipex, in March 2013 invited drilling contractors to supply a rig for its Area-95/96 in Libya's Ghadames Basin.